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Zyra's Circular Newsletter

Sign up to receive the free newsletter? If you would like to receive news of future publications of this site, you may wish to be included in the "circular" list. To be included in the list, please e-mail me at: circular@zyra.org.uk

Signing up to this lets you in for one e-mail about every few weeks giving an update of what is on the NEW ISSUE of the site.

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You can see some examples of Zyra's Circular here:

Issue 29 (a long time ago)

Issue 52 (more recently)

Issue 61 (a few issues ago)

Issue 82 (slightly less long ago)

Issue 90 (even more recently than that)

Issue 99 (prior to the current time)

Issue 106 (not all that long ago, although the message itself is long!)

Issue 116 (another example of Zyra's Circular)

Issue 120 (The newsletter was so long that most people didn't get around to reading it!)

Issue 125-126 (showing insights into the affiliate business)

Issue 127/128/129 (another Circular message)

Issue 130/131/132/133 yet another copious Circular message

Issue 150 to try to catch up on everything that's happened in Issue134-Issue150 inclusive

Issue 166 - just after emigrating

If you like lots of spam arriving you'll be disappointed, as it's just a newsletter update report once every few weeks. If you'd rather have your e-mail contact sent to dozens of companies and put about generally in the commercial marketing business, and receive copious amounts of all sorts of guff and e-bumf, you'd be much better signing up to SPAM

But if not, and you would instead like to be included in the "circular" list, apply by e-mail to: circular@zyra.org.uk , or if you prefer you can apply by filling in a FORM !

If you decide later you'd like to no longer be included, you can unsubscribe by writing a polite reply in the spirit of the "no more circulars" link. If you've changed e-mail address since you subscribed, and you'd like to unsubscribe the old address, please state what address that was, because we can't just guess, you know!

Plus, unlike SPAM, you can actually REPLY to Zyra's circulars!

So, now you know what you're letting yourself in for (see example Issue52), and that you can opt-out later if you decide to, then how about signing up to Zyra's "circular" newsletters? Apply by FORM or by e-mail to: circular@zyra.org.uk - it's your choice!

Incidentally, Zyra's circular newsletter messages tend to arrive with the unusual tag "LOW PRIORITY" which is very rare among e-mails and makes the messages quite notable and easy to spot.