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This is what a typical circular looked like a while ago, this one being from Issue29 (which is quite a long time ago). More recent issues you can see online are Issue52 and Issue61

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Sent: Monday, June 11, 2001 10:55 PM

Subject: Another circular from Zyra: Issue29 published!

Hi to ALL!

This message goes out to 41 people who are on my "circular" list. Please DO spread the word about this odd website!

2001/06/11 20:00 Publication of Issue 29 of this site

News! Issue29 of Zyra's website at www.zyra.org.uk is now published! It's taken a lot of work, but it is starting to make money! So far it has made just slightly over TWO DOLLARS in commission from various offers linked-to from the site. This might increase when people start buying books etc via the site.

What's new in this new issue?...

Well, there's a new photo of me on the front page. Yes, I really DO have blue hair.

The CATEGORIES page is now in alphabetical order. This makes the site easier to use, and a lot of things easier to find. But most things can be found by conceptual associative linking. If in doubt though, the site index has 1406 entries into the 479 actual pages of the site (and there are another 86 in the periphery).

There are a great many adverts in the site, and affiliate programs with a lot of companies, but I don't need to list them here. It has to be said that the advertising is not "in your face" and distracting in the style which seems to be assumed these days. If you want to buy something, you can look for it in the index and associative links, and THEN you can see advertisements for it. I think this is a lot more civilised than having stuff popping up all over the place and being annoying.

So, if you want a credit card, you can look at the credit cards page, and if you want furniture, the furniture page is where to look, etc. Take a look at some of the Categories and see what you think. As for the gambling, I don't need to shout about it. I just need to whisper it... "(gambling)"

The site is now on an affiliate scheme with the European Ministry of Finance ! They're right about it being "a changing world"!

Political Parties (UK) no change there! But at least the links are in. You'd think really the parties would all have the good manners to put a list of links in to all the others. But in practice the only party I've seen that does this is the Monster Raving Loony Party! (linked to)

Now about things of an underground nature; nuclear bunkers, vaults, catacombs, railways, etc. There's a lot more of this than can be seen on the surface, so, there's now an Underground Interest page. Or, for a different persuasion, there are more Space links.

There is more alternativeness distributed throughout the site, at such pages as: Alternative Market , Gothic Links , Hair Colour , and in some of the other places which you may find on exploring the site.

And as there are some people new to the list, are you aware of the "How's my explaining?" items?, such as The Conjuring Trick of Logarithms Explained , How a Microwave Oven Works , PI , and that sort of thing? What about that piano keyboard that's 69 octaves wide (www.zyra.org.uk/spectrum.htm#start) ? (how long does this take to load on your machine?)

For a bigger list of new and/or modified items, take a look at the What's New Index

Have fun exploring the site. But be careful of trying to see ALL of it if you're paying for the phone call time. I can tell you about ways of saving money on this if you're interested.

Please DO reply to these e-mails if you like, and tell me what you think to all this.




PS. In the unlikely event that you no longer wish to receive these circulars, please send to mailto: no-more-circulars @ zyra.org.uk . All other replies to [REPLY] or to reply @ zyra.org.uk

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