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Ministry of Finance

"Got a great idea but lack funding? Let the EUROPEAN MINISTRY OF FINANCE assist you to realise your ambitions! We help Entrepreneurs and Investors to develop first class businesses! Also for Start Up Companies! We see our affiliates as strategic partners. They let the world know about the financial services we offer, resulting in increased sales for our organisation, and in turn they share in our success".

The European Ministry of Finance had a generous affiliate program which attracted people to have Lifetime Memberships and that was good for business.

Here is Where the Link Was to go to the Place!

Affiliate program was with Commission Junction but has since been bunged up. It would be great if the European Ministry of Finance were to have a new affiliate program. Please let us know.

Helpful information: Website at the time was: and www.eurochamberworld.org/index-real.html . Other helpful references include Business and Finance. Also see Zyra Europe