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Banks and other financial institutions

This is an International feature

Bank of England

Barclays Offshore - Barclays Wealth Offshore Bank Accounts

Alliance & Leicester - Premier Direct CurrentING DIRECT (USA) Account
Also see Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank Business Account
and Alliance and Leicester Savings Account

Alliance and LeicesterAbsolute Solutions - secured loans on a property - and remortgage

Lloyds TSB (UK)
Also see
Lloyds TSB Insurance and Lloyds TSB Bank Account and Lloyds TSB Student AccountBarclaycard

Independent FinanceHSBC

Citibank (UK)

ING DIRECT (USA)Co-Op Bank - customer led, ethically guided

Also see Barclaycard, Barclaycard Business
AND for business start-up see the Clearly Business CD
Help stop card fraud online with Barclaycard Trading Remotely

Wall Street Journal

iOptionWall Street Journal

The Post Office

Terence P O'Halloran
Financial adviser well recommended by Zyra! Also, author of insightful books such as in
Hindsight the Foresight Saga and If only Politicians Had Brains!

Fee-Pac- Terence O'Halloran's innovative system for charging by fair and reasonable ways for a Professional Service. The Post OfficeIf you are in the financial advice business, you can Get Paid For What You Do Give Your Clients, by A Retainer Fee, Commissions or a Mixture.

Regency - if you live in a council house, Buy It! if you still can.


The Woolwich

Deutsche Bank.deHSBC


1-800 Auto Yes - car loans USA


Standard and Poor's - International credit rating agency - Well Done to them for being the first to downgrade the USA's credit rating when the country was desperately in debt and was becoming a bad credit risk!Virgin Loan


The Fuelcard Company


Bills.comFT: Financial Times

Pay Day UK

UBS - International investment bank, as advertised at the Monaco Grand Prix

Fred HagerChase Saunders Secured Loans
"The #1 performing investment newsletter in America"

Promise Finance Loans

12 Month Loans

Driver Loans

Reuters Financial Research ReportsTD Waterhouse

Tor FX
Foreign currency exchange

Global currency trading

TD Waterhouse
So you can deal in Stocks and Shares

WebMoneyVirtual Bank


Santander Business Banking

Solution Loans

Regency Cash Loan

Cash Genie Loans

Working Capital 4U

Logbook Loans 247

Debt Restart

Post Office International Payments

The Finance Facility

100 Day Loans

Countrywide BankTOR FX

Splash Plastic

Car Loan 4U

My Payday

Homeowners Friendly Society

eToroCountrywide Bank

Go Free Credit

The One Stop Market

Checks Unlimited

Cranwell Investments - was www.cranwell.co.ukBarclaycard


Cave & Sons Stockbroking and Investment Services / Independent Financial Advisors

Australian Investment Property Specialists – Oz House & Land Building your Australian investment property portfolio has never been easier. See how we can make your real estate investment strategy work. - was http://www.ozhouseland.com.au

Metro Bank
The first new UK bank for donkeys' years

Bank on Dave
Well Done to Dave Fishwick, the heroic entrepreneur who is making a good job of challenging the oldfashioned unfair way Banks in the UK have been mistreating customers and the economy in general. Dave has set up a new Bank in Burnley so folks can deposit money and get a sensible interest rate, and other folks can borrow money at a sensible rate. Well Done!

www.Immunis.co.uk (was www.immunis.co.uk) - Offshore tax consultancy - structuring people's offshore affairs to mitigate against tax as well as other diverse offshore matters as offshore banks, insurance companies, second passports as well as Internet gaming.iKobo money transfer

Aberdeen Asset Management - Sponsors of The Boat Race 2002

ShareOracle (awin)

NatWestCapital One UK

Norwich & Peterborough - also www.npbs.co.uk

B2 (was http://www.b2.com)

My Lawyer

London Logbook Loans

Abbey National

Cash Bob


Motor Buy Back

Bradford & Bingley 0800 113333 UK

First United GroupFirst United Group

Credit Expert by Experian

Sony Card

Get My Quote - not to be confused with Get My Goat

Babee Card

Research and Markets

Fast Wire FundsTD Waterhouse

My Travel Cash

My Wonga

T24 Black Card


The Economist IE


KeyPoint Claims

Financial Spreads

Debt Advice Desk

Payday Bank

Pay A Trader

Cash Lady


Lexington Law
"Improve your credit rating USA only"

Provident Financial

Crystal Prepaid Credit Card

Bonga Loans


ThinkBanking - thinkbanking is a provider of managed bank accounts, not a bank.

Scottish Friendly


Instant Loans Arranged

NationwideCredit Expert

Giro Bank

Money Yogi

Pound Access

Kwik Cash




Post Gold For Cash

Cardservice International
So YOUR business can now accept credit cardsAlliance and Leicester Commercial Bank Logo

Quick Books

Cash Sorted



Gloss Legal

360 Money

Yes Loans

Money Corp

Options Bravo

The following links are Dead, at least for now, and form an ossuary of places whose affiliate program has gone:

Co Op Bank

Savings accounts

Hilton HHonors Platinum Cardmarbles

Central Capital Mortgages


Nemo Loans

GoldfishRegency - C us 4 Right to Buy

Liverpool Victoria
Unsecured Loans

The GM CardThe GM Platinum Card

The One Account
Mortgage Management

First Plus Financial Group - for home owners, not tenants

Jubilee USAThe One Account

Decision FinanceDecision Finance

Your-LoanGoldfish Credit Card


Credit Plus

The Children's Mutual

Virgin LoanU.S. Bank

The Mutual


First Direct Bank© Zurich

iKobo Money Transfer

Money Back Bank

West Bromwich Building SocietyAlliance and Leicester Money Back Bank

Chase Saunders

Capital One Base Beater Savings Account

Promise Finance MortgagesCapital One Base Beater Savings Account

Virtual Bank

Clean Slate Mortgages

AA Credit Card

Car Pay

Loanfinder UK

My Future Finance Equity Release

My Future Finance AnnuitiesMy Future Finance

My Future Finance Investment Bond

My Future Finance Pension Transfer

Easy Loans

The Currency People

Fair FX

Hargreaves Lansdown

Eclipse Card

Saxo Bank

Switch with Which

EZ Stock PicksCentral Capital Mortgages

British Gas Loans

Green Light Finance
"This product is a HP facility for customers with impaired credit history looking to purchase a quality car"

"Wall Street tools made easy for EVERYONE"

Money ObserverJubilee USA

Tuxedo Card

Lloyds TSB International

Northern Rock

SmartMoney SelectSmart Money
"Stay ahead of the curve"

First Refunds

Accept Car Credit

Zurich Business Insurance

Prime Prepaid MastercardCheltenham and Gloucester Mortgages

John Lewis Card
Even though John Lewis shops are still on the go!

Quicker Auto Loans



Cheltenham & Gloucester

The preceding is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone

Northern Rock

US Bank


Look For Finance - was http://www.lookfinance.com
Provides research banking service information, Personal finance advice and financial planning tips and news.

BarclaycardBank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland

Finance Guaranteed.net - was www.financeguaranteed.net - domain apparently lost.Cardservice International

Money-Market.net - was www.money-market.net
For UK credit Cards, Mortgages, Loans, Life Insurance, Bad Credit, Debt Help and More!
for retailers: North American Bancard

app.co.uk (was previously a financial institution but now (2006/04) the domain has been lost)

Also see the feature on Tax Avoidance and Tax Havens
Also note the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion

Xyroth has commented that Pensions are a form of insurance against poverty in old age. For more info on this see Xyroth's Pensions Page

There's a new finance site which might show some promise: Stop Loss Traders

Also see help on debt at the Sterling Trust - was www.sterlingtrust.org.uk: "We are a relatively new debt help charity based in the UK. Our aim is to empower people to manage their own unsecured debts by way of the online system we have developed".

Hindsight - the Foresight SagaIf you have a US Dollar account and you don't live in the USA, it's worth knowing that when you move money from one place to another, it matters where it is routed! Banks understand this, and you can save yourself from a lot of political problems by avoiding money transfer going via the USA

A good guide to investments can be found in Hindsight the Foresight Saga

Investing in stocks and shares is risky, but here's something which will always have some value: A single framed share certificate in a company of your choice. Interesting, collectable talking-point: Framed Share

also see BANKS, Loans, Credit Cards, Current Accounts, and Savings Accounts

Financial Ombudsman