John Lewis Card

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John Lewis Card

A credit card that pays you vouchers every time you spend? Yes, that's the John Lewis Card. Your vouchers are sent to you three times a year.

John Lewis Card:

"Welcome to the partnership card

The partnership card™ from John Lewis and Waitrose is the credit card that earns you vouchers whenever you spend.John Lewis Card

A world of opportunity

Earn points towards vouchers in over 24 million outlets worldwide, wherever you see the MasterCard logo.

We'll send the vouchers that you earn directly to you 3 times a year.

Spend them on over 350,000 products in John Lewis, Waitrose and at

Your partnership card entitles you to so much:

Receive exclusive theatre ticket promotions and invitations to special events such as summer concerts and country shows.

Enjoy great discounts and exclusive offers from John Lewis , Waitrose and".

If you were been tempted by this, here was the link:

The Link was Here to Go to the Place! affiliate program was with Sadly, after a brief run the affiliate program has now finished. If it starts again we will gladly promote them. If you like, you can still visit , John Lewis, the department store, and if you want to look at other credit cards, please look at our Credit Cards page.