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BarclaycardCredit Cards
Visa and Mastercard etc

If they seem a bit sparse, don't worry; it's mostly because of the credit crunch

Goldfish Credit Card

Also see
LOANS at Capital Investors, Absolute Solutions Secured Loans, marbles loans, , First Plus Financial Group, and Independent Finance Corporation Limited (IFCL), Your-Loan, and also IdebtHelp Debt Consolidation Services

Credit Card Interest is often quoted in APR. That is Annual Payment Rate. You can calculate how much interest you are expected to pay by Calculating APR (which is surprisingly easy).

Americans! get out of debt by Jubilee USA and Restore your credit-rating by Lexington Law. (previously we promoted Manhattan Legal Service). Also see the Credit Limit (illusion) and How to get out of debt. Plus, Pre-Paid Cards which are like credit cards for buying things but you can't get into debt.

Your business can accept credit cards with the help of Cardservice International

Post Office Credit Card

AA Credit Card

Sony Card

HSBC Credit Cards

And some of these are prepaid cards...

Splash Plastic

The Fuelcard Company

Crystal Prepaid Credit Card

360 Money


The following are Dead Links and form an ossuary. It's a list of places whose affiliate program has gone:

Egg Card

Lloyds TSB Airmiles Duo

BarclaycardLexington Law

Barclaycard Business
Barclaycard Breathe Card
Barclaycard One Pulse
Barclaycard Charity Card
Barclaycard Football Credit Card

BarclayCard Trading RemotelyHSBC Credit Cards

Hilton HHonors Platinum Credit Card

The GM Platinum CardLloyds TSB

The Egg Card

Cahoot Credit CardThe GM Card

Amazon Credit Card

RSPCA Credit CardThe Egg Card

Decision Finance Credit Cards

Capital One UK


Co-op Platinum Advantage Card
Co-op Think Credit Card
Co-op Travel Credit Card
Co-op Clear Credit CardCapital One UK

Virgin Credit Card

Vanquis Visa Card
Previously Vanquis Abacus Credit Card , Vanquis Blue Credit Card and Vanquis Gold Credit Card Please noteCo-op Advantage
Platinum Card that these are mentioned for the sake of history and are not current. The current Vanquis card is the Vanquis Visa Card!

Halifax One Credit Card

John Lewis Card

Vanquis Visa CardiKobo



First United GroupBarclaycard

Lloyds TSB Platinum Card

Lloyds TSB Platinum Credit Card (gone)

Lloyds TSB Advance Credit Card (gone)Lloyds TSB Advance Credit Card


Bank of Scotland credit card

Royal Bank of Scotland credit cardmarbles
Zyra's affiliate website needs Freedom Of Speech more than it needs the Royal Bank of Scotland's credit card affiliate program, so, until the terms and conditions are improved so as to allow freedom of speech, we'll just do without the Credit Card for now. However, there are other credit cards on this page which allow personal expression to be given voice, so it's up to you to shop around.

NextCard (discontinued)

More Than >First United Group - It DID exist; there's no point in being in-denial.

American Express
- Rejected this site for their affiliate program because the site has some gambling links on it and because the webmaster's house is not in the United States. Additional shame be upon American Express Australia for wasting time and resources here which could have been better spent on worthwhile programs.Manhattan Legal Service

The preceding is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone

Other Credit Card Companies- You are welcome to apply for a link on this page, subject to status. Especially if you will include us in your affiliate program!Barclaycard

Plus, other sites that compare credit cards. This page was getting rather a lot of them, so they have been moved to a new page: the Credit Card Comparison page.

Cardservice InternationalAlso see other kinds of cards

Chip and Pin? Surely you are joking? See what Xyroth has to say about this! See chip and pinGoldfish Credit Card

The interest on Credit Cards is often quoted in APR ("Annual Payment Rate"). You can calculate how much interest you are expected to pay by Calculating APR (which is surprisingly easy).

Also see the Tk Maxx fraud and the helpful update by Experian

The convenience of paying for things online via the Shopping Portal is such that credit cards are very handy even if you have plenty of money and don't need to borrow any. But now, there's a new type of cards, where you can pay for things online, but without the debt problems associated with credit cards. So now see Pre-Paid Cards

If you receive an emails for credit card refunds from a hotel, don't open the attachment. You've probably never stayed at the hotel, and the senders don't know your credit card number, but if you open the attachment, your computer might catch a virus. See Antivirus Software and Care about opening e-mails.

Also note:

CASH - is accepted in millions of places worldwide, implies wealth by possession of it, rather than debt, and does not charge a commission to the merchant from which you are buying. Special discounts can often be arranged by use of expressions such as "Discount for CASH?", to which the response can sometimes be "CASH?! That will do NICELY!"

On the Gambling Page there is the warning "You should only gamble what you can afford to lose". On this CREDIT CARDS page, you are advised to heed this:

You should only borrow what you can afford to pay back

Don't be put off by my funny ideas about paying in CASH. I also think that if people want a credit card, they should have a good choice of them, and I want to include as many as possible on this page. If your company has the best card, you must realise that if the customer gets the free choice I intend to offer, chances are it'll be YOUR card that gets chosen.

Special note regarding the matter of Mastercard, Visa, and Wikileaks: Zyra's website is an independent affiliate shopping portal and supports FREE SPEECH. If Visa and Mastercard have chosen to pull out of allowing donations by the good public to defend/support Internet Martyr Julian Assange (political prisoner), then they really should question their morals. If they have been forced by political pressure from modern quazi-Nazi political governments in the modern world, then their businesses should emigrate for tax purposes and/or alternative offshore banking arrangements should be set up so we the people of the world can be free of such coercion.

Visa and/or Mastercard may remain on the pages if they wish, but now as a matter of protest, here's a link to http://wikileaks.ch/ alongside other Freedom of Action