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The Capital One Credit Card UK featured at Zyra's affiliate website

Welcome back Capital One Credit Card. We are delighted to be featuring them once more!

Here's what Capital One says: "Capital One is a market leader and we offer credit cards with great rates, even to people who have had trouble getting credit in the past. Our approval rates are among the highest in the industry...

Capital One is a top ten credit card issuer in the United States, with more than $31.6 billion in managed loans and 36.5 million world-wide customers, serviced by more than 19,000 employees. In 1996 Capital One launched its first overseas operation in the UK where it currently offers Visa and MasterCard credit cards to UK customers.

Capital One's culture encourages innovation and entrepreneurism. This can be evidenced by the introduction in 1992 of the 'balance transfer' concept, allowing cardholders to move their balances to Capital One at more favourable APRs. The strategy revolutionised the U.S card market and brought lower APRs for millions of customers.

Underpinning its dramatic growth is the success of its information-based strategy, which combines advances in information technology and sophisticated analytical techniques to bring the right product at the right price to the right customer at the right time. This has helped Capital One grow from one million customers at the end of 1990 to 27.1 million customers at the end of the first quarter 2000. Now Capital One is bringing lower standard rates and superior service to UK customers.

In December 1997 Capital One indicated its long term commitment to the UK and European markets by establishing a £30m Operations Centre in Nottingham, East Midlands, creating 1300 jobs. The centre is now fully up and running and performs a number of business functions including application processing, customer service, product design and marketing, card issuing, collections, business development and database management. In June 2000, the company announced the creation of an additional 1,200 jobs in a new facility adjoining its European operations centre, Trent House, in Nottingham. This will bring Capital One's UK workforce to more than 2,500 in Nottingham by 2002. Capital One, who will be investing more than £60 million in the project, received a £6.6 million grant from the UK government."

If you had been tempted by this, it may be little consolation to know there were some links here:

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www.capitalone.co.uk affiliate program was with BUY AT. Quite what Buy.at thought they were doing is another matter, sending out e-mails every few weeks demanding that the links be changed yet again. This goes further than being annoying, and it now seems that it may not have been Capital One's fault, and may instead have been the way the affiliate program had been run. It's hard to figure exactly what had been going on. I know this sort of thing is not what The FSA are about, and I feel sorry for Capital One in having been so messed-about. In the end this page has been corked. Of course we'd be happy to promote Capital One should they have an affiliate program that's run properly, and with a contract that's reasonable! In the meantime, customers, please note that other credit cards are available.

Having said that, it was during the "bad patch" which Buy.at went through when they were run by AOL. That year is over now, and Buy.at are much better now they are run by Affiliate Window.

Who knows, Capital One may yet come back to having a decent affiliate program! Please let us know