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Capital One Base Beater Savings Account:

With the great rate offered by Capital One's Base Beater Savings Account, it would be foolish not to visit their site. If you're after a Savings Account with a great rate have a look.

Capital One Base Beater Savings Account:

"7 key benefits of our online service:

1) Link up to 3 bank accounts to your Base Beater Savings Account:

You can link up to 3 bank accounts to your savings account, which will be known as your nominated account(s). This means that you will be able to log into your savings account and request an amount to be transferred to or from your bank account(s) taking the hassle out of managing your money.

2) View customised statements for your Base Beater account and have the option to print them off or download them.

3) Set up regular payments, future payments and check all pending transactions to give you complete control over your money.

4) Change your personal details online:

- Change passwords

- Update memorable data (used for security purposes)

- Change Email Address

- Request change to postal address

5) Change your account details online:

- Request an additional account holder

- Request R85 and S352 certificates

- Change your interest instructions (frequency and payment type)

6) View all your Capital One Savings accounts in one place.

- When you apply for our Base Beater Account, you will also be able to view the balance of any other account you hold with us.

7) View our comprehensive help section or use the facility to contact us securely online".

If you have been tempted by this, here was the link:

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

http://www.capitalonesavings.co.uk affiliate program was with BUY AT

It's a shame really, that this page has been corked, but it is not the fault of Capital One at all! The problem was with Buy.at after they were taken over by AOL, trying to impose a contract on affiliates. Some of us have refused to sign it. The Capital One Savings account is still good, and it would still be promoted on here if we weren't being expected to sign an unreasonable contract by Buy.at! Let's hope they sort this out soon, so we can continue to be good for business for years to come, as we have been for years before. There are plenty of other affiliate marketing companies, as surely as there are other savings accounts! Capital One will be welcomed back if they get a new affiliate program arranged.

After Buy.at was taken over by Affiliate Window, you might thing Capital One Savings would have resumed having an affiliate program there. But no, there still (2012) seems to be no affiliate program for Capital One. Shame!

So, until there, is, this page is now bunged up. There are other Savings Accounts