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Post Office Credit Card

Now you can get a Credit Card from the Post Office. On the one hand it's like a credit card, on the other it's like a loan!

Post Office Credit Card:

"This is a new kind of credit card - offering a great standard rate for your everyday spending and an even lower rate for the bigger things you occasionally buy.

On the one hand it’s a great value credit card:Post Office Credit Cards

Free purchase protection

Optional payment protection

A choice of three cards to meet everyone’s needs

No annual fee

Competitive standard rate

On the other hand it’s like a personal loan:

You can choose to use it like a pre-arranged loan with our unique payment plan feature.

The Post Office MasterCard® is provided by Bank of Ireland".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

The Link is Now Here again To Go To The Place!

Post Office Credit Card

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