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Money is one of the forms of WEALTH; a negotiable, transferable, divisible, quantifiable form. Money: A form of wealth which is measurable mathematically. Money can be earned, saved-up (see finance), borrowed (see loans and credit), spent (see shopping. small shops, companies, and businesses in some categories), risked (see gambling), won or lost, marvelled at (see Gold), given away to good causes (see charities), and it is believed by some that it is possible to Get Rich Quick. It's possible to be Prestigious with money, or to be frugal, careful, stingy (see how to save money). Money can be stored in bank accounts, for example at Barclays and HSBC, and can be transferred internationally using such systems as iKobo. It's possible to set up your own business to make money, and in business it's best to avoid paying too much tax. Money can be measured in various different units, but unlike gallons and litres, the relative values keep changing (see Exchange rates). (If you would like to exchange foreign money, you can shop around for the best rates. During the early months of 2006 the UK Post Office was advertising a 0% currency exchange commission). See the famous newspaper about money, the Financial Times. Money in circulation in the form of banknotes and other currency takes a physical form. See banknote printers. It's also possible to pay money out by writing a cheque, which should be good if you are solvent.

The key feature to money is that it is important to make a lot of money and then save it. One of the ways to do this is to run your own business. More about this on here later.

A popular way to earn money (though not necessarily the best), is to get a job, the advantage being that it is possible to become comfortably well-off without having to worry after five o'clock or work too hard running your own business and risk catching the dreaded diabetes. However, even if you work for a lifetime you will not become a multimillionaire. For that you have to do something very cunning, very lucky, or be a STAR!

Another important thing about money is to avoid being poor. This is particularly important, as society is set up around the assumption that you have some money. So if you don't, there are various unreasonable problems which occur. Poverty is a problem, whereas the gap between rich and poor isn't.

Anyway, what if you won the Lottery?

Someone quite famous, or in any event quite wise, said "Money can't buy happiness, but it can Buy-Off unhappiness".