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The FT. The famous pink newspaper The Financial Times is must-read material for the serious business person. The FT is read by business leaders, government ministers, international entrepreneurs, bankers, investors, educators, and students. Six days a week it provides: Comprehensive analysis of the biggest international political and business news, in-depth features on management, technology and other burning issues, insight and commentary that keep you ahead of the curve. Over one million readers in more than 140 countries count on the Financial Times to keep them informed about global business, economics and politics. During the time since the Financial Times was founded in 1888 business has gone up and down many times and has experienced many changes, but those who have had the advantage of reading the Financial Times have always had the edge to some extent. Now may be your time, and so now you may try out the Financial Times for yourself. Read Pink - Go FurtherIf you live in the USA you can sign up for a four week RISK-FREE trial subscription and get the Financial Times print edition six days a week (Monday - Saturday) for the next four weeks. Business is seldom risk-free, but this genuine offer by the Financial Times really is RISK-FREE. If you like it, you will continue to receive 48 more weeks (for a total of 52 in all) for just $99. (That's only 32 cents a day, a savings of 50 percent off the regular subscription price). If you decide the newspaper is not for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time during the four week trial period. The first four weeks of issues are yours to keep for free whatever happens. Whether confidence in the stockmarket is good, or cautious, the people who make The Financial Times are sufficiently confident in the quality of the publication that they're willing to give you a risk-free trial offer. So, if you'd like to give it a try, VISIT THE SITE AND TAKE A CLOSER LOOK

Meanwhile, at the Financial Times, they say "To keep on top of today's global economy, you need a source of unbiased and insightful reporting on the players, strategies and markets that are shaping it. Renowned for its international perspective on world business, economics and politics, the Financial Times provides you with the in-depth information and analysis necessary for success, and a flow of original stories that you will not read elsewhere. The Financial Times will provide you with: International news and analysis from FT journalists in more than 50 countries. An insightful perspective on economic, business, financial, corporate & political developments around the world. In-depth features on emerging markets, industry sectors, management, technology and more. The FTA rich source of data with stock quotes from over 30 countries alongside sophisticated commentary and analysis of world market activity. High value single-topic special reports (over 200 annually) on different countries, industries, investment opportunities, technologies, and more. The Saturday Weekend FT- a comprehensive summary of the week's most important international business news, along with the most current cultural and lifestyle events from around the globe. Daily reading of the FT can help you anticipate market shifts, spot trends and keep you that crucial step ahead of the curve. Get the Financial Times six days a week - click here for our special introductory offer to the World business newspaper".

"Section One of the Financial Times gives a concise overview of international affairs with daily coverage of major world news and business events as they happen. Highlights include: A fresh global perspective on breaking stories. Regional coverage of every corner of the globe: the US and Canada; Latin America; the UK; Asia-Pacific; Europe; the Middle East and Africa; plus a section on World Trade. The highly acclaimed Lex column - sophisticated financial analysis and commentary on world business, economic and market activity - relevant information US readers can use on international companies and investment issues. Plus regular specialized news pages: The Inside Track, articles with Profiles of people in the news, and commentary on developments in business education, business travel and on the web. Management and technology features. The Arts page, Financial Times Newspaperscovering theater, music, opera, the visual arts, movies, architecture and books. Section II Section Two focuses on companies and markets, providing you with authoritative news articles, analyses, market reports, statistical tables and more: International Company News International Capital Markets, covering world bond prices, new issues and comment Currencies and Money, focusing on foreign exchange and world money-markets Commodities and Agriculture World Equity Markets, providing the latest trends and data from more than 50 national markets at a glance. Emerging Market Focus. Share prices from the NYSE, NASDAQ and Amex, comprehensive index futures coverage, plus world share price listings from 31 other countries. A new page of Euro Prices. Special Reports Like a free bonus tucked inside the paper, the Financial Times also brings you 200+ single-topic business surveys each year. It's the kind of in-depth research and detailed briefings you might otherwise pay thousands of dollars to compile. Topics include: Industry-specific reports, e.g. FT Telecoms, FT IT, FT Autos. Country-specific reports, such as Japanese Industry, France. International Overviews, such as World Finance, World Trade, Eurozone Economy. Management features, such as Knowledge Management and Mastering Strategy Weekend FT The Financial Times is delivered to your door six days a week. The Weekend FT includes a summary of the week's business news but focuses on lifestyle issues, providing a relaxing insight into international culture and the arts".

"Weekend FT - Incomparable weekend reading. A summary of international business and leisure-time pleasures. The Business Section The Financial Times provides authoritative coverage of international business every working day. But business doesn't stop on Friday. The Weekend FT Business Section gives you a wrap-up of the week's international business news every Saturday. The Leisure Section Everyone needs a break and the Financial Times NewspapersWeekend FT brings you the latest in worldly pleasures, sophisticated styles and international arts, culture and dining. It includes travel, theater, movies, dance, books, luxury properties and insights from world renowned wine critic Jancis Robinson. The Weekend Investor Personal investment pages with a high-end focus for the international investor. The Weekend FT highlights holdings in the international sector-- equities, mergers, and acquisitions, mutual funds and much more. How to Spend It- A Special Bonus Published quarterly, How to Spend It is the glossy magazine within the Weekend FT. For active, affluent men and women of distinguished tastes, this lifestyle magazine is full of statement and style. It gives you the best of the world's best".

As well as the print edition, there's also an online edition. Of course these are available internationally, and you see print copies of the Financial Times on airlines and in classy hotels and at business conferences all around the world. However the special four week risk-free trial is currently (2003) available only in the United States. The offer on the online extends to all of North America and South America, but we're hoping this is going to be extended further soon. Worth looking into the online edition, which is designed to be complementary to the print edition. VISIT THE FINANCIAL TIMES AND SEE FOR YOURSELF

Here are some more quotes: "Keep yourself abreast of what is happening in the world. Enlightening and informative, daily reading of the Financial Times can improve your understanding of the global marketplace, help you spot industry trends and give you a competitive edge in the classroom and the workplace. Rich in data and analysis, the FT is also the first paper to reach for when you have to research. Front page overview of today's top international & regional news stories. Expert analysis on global business, finance, politics and economics from FT reporters in more than 50 countries. Revealing features on management, technology, communications and more. World Markets pages - an unrivalled source of international financial facts and statistics including stock market quotes from over 30 countries. Over 200 special single-topic reports focusing on different countries, industries and markets from IT to telecommunications to global finance. Monday through Saturday, each day of the week offers a thoughtful glance into the business world, featuring current trends, industry innovators, and successful practices".

Did you know?: The Financial Times has the largest editorial staff of any international newspaper, with over 300 journalists in more than 50 cities worldwide. The Financial Times was founded in 1888 as The Friend of The Honest Financier and the Respectable Broker. The Financial Times has been pink since 1893, with its distinctive salmon-pink newsprint as a distinguishing trademark to set itself apart from other daily news publications.

TO SUM UP: "The Financial Times is the daily business publication that, for over 100 years, has kept its readers up-to-date on vital world business, financial, economic and political information. The Financial Times goes far beyond other business newspapers and news weeklies to keep you informed of changing events and conditions around the world, concisely, yet completely. No other publication even comes close".

So, if you'd like to subscribe to the FT, here's the link:FT: Financial TimesFT: Financial Times

Link here for the Financial Times affiliate program WAS with which was a good company but confidence has dropped here since the buyout by AOL. However, the market is looking much more optimistic since the FT affiliate program was taken on by DGM PRO, although it is currently in effect bunged up

You may be interested to know that since this page was created some time ago, the offer has been replaced by a free online subscription which you may like to sign up to now that the program has moved. The offer may have changed again since then.