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Deal Group Media / UK Affiliates is one of the leading companies in the business of performance based marketing.DGM going up in the world? This is good news for companies who'd like to advertise and know that they're getting what they pay for, and it's also good news for website owners who like to be paid for advertising based on how much good it's doing rather than how much space it takes up.

Many well-known names have made the good decision to advertise at DGM / Deal Group Media (previously known as UK Affiliates), such companies as The AA, Powergen, William Hill, RAC, npower, BT Mobile Phones, Excel Airlines, and many others. In factThe AA - motoring organisation, during 2003 a total of over £150 millionBT Shop of revenue was made by client companies. You don't have to be a big company to advertise at UK Affiliates, but it helps. If you feel your company is going this way and you can afford some full-scale advertising, HAVE A CLOSER LOOK VIA THIS LINK - was http://www.dgm2.com/m/affsignup/t.asp?A=1597&I=4637. Of course if you mention ZYRA put the word in, it does us all some good!

This idea, putting the word in, is the basic principle of affiliate marketingRAC. If you run a website, you can put the word in for various companies, and if you do them some good, you get paid. It doesn't cost you to join,Powergen and if you make a good job of it there's quite a lot of money to be made long-term.

In their own words: "Ukaffiliates is the performance based marketing network from dealgroupmedia, a leading UK online marketing group. Founded in 1999 it was the first UK company of its kind, and is now one of the most successful,UK Affiliates offering UK-wide online marketing campaigns to over 350 clients including the likes of William Hill, Powergen, npower* and more. The team has unmatched experience in the market and extensive understanding of achieving commercial results through online marketing offering high return, low risk marketing strategies and fees mainly based on results delivered".

My own view about UK Affiliates / Deal Group Media is that it's one of the most affiliate-friendly companies around.Machine Mart For one thing, the affiliate code including generic text-links is easy to adapt and customise, making website design much more flexible and avoiding compromise of page content.William Hill You, the affiliate, maintain control of your own pages and can avoid splat advertising taking over your site! Also, perhaps more crucially to websites that are interesting and individualistic such as Zyra.org.uk, at DGM / UK Affiliates there is an open acceptance of diversity and freedom of expression, so you're generally accepted, in contrast to some places that are more stuffy and suffer from "denials". (Anyway, why do merchants ever deny affiliates?) At UK Affiliates if your website is accepted by the company, you are accepted for just about any of the merchants you apply for (in contrast to some places where you are separately judged by all the merchants).

If you're going in for advertising on your website you should be on the books of UK Affiliates and a few other affiliate marketing companies

DGM2.comDeal Group Media

Deal Group Media

DGM2 as it is sometimes written

"The leading supplier of cost-effective marketing on the Internet"


Here are a few more quotes: "dealgroupmedia was founded in August 1999 as the Deal Group.UK Affiliates Since then the company has grown from a staff of two based in London to over 65 worldwide. The company is managed out of the UK with overseas offices established in Madrid in August 2001 and Sydney in March 2003".

DGM PRO has expanded into the wider world. See DGM India and DGM Australia.

"dealgroupmedia provides and manages some of the most successful return on investment online marketing campaigns available in the UK. Deal Group Media plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange (AIM)".

Also, here's a good explanation by DGM which is at least as good as our own explanation What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing: pay for performance advertising, advertisers pay on results not for space!

If you are an advertiser or 'merchant', or a website publisher or 'affiliate', affiliate marketing is an effective way for you to do business. It's an inexpensive, low risk form of advertising for merchants, and a simple way for affiliates to earn revenue from their sites. Merchants provideDGM Travel Maps affiliates with banners and text links to place on their websites. In return they pay the affiliates commission for each sale or lead their site then generates. It might use complex technology but it couldn't be a more simple way of doing business. For merchants it's a way to increase customers and enjoy a large amount of brand exposure. For affiliates it creates revenue without the need to invest time and resources in selling advertising space, or developing the complex technology needed to operate in the online marketing world. At ukaffiliates.com we provide merchants with affiliates, and affiliates with merchants, and the custom-made software that makes it all happen in the middle. It's return on investment marketing at its best.DGMUK Affiliates

In 2010 DGM diversified into geographical holiday choices! The DGM Travel Maps allow holidaymakers to choose resorts by looking on a Map!

more performance more return


From 2006/02 we have found it necessary to create a page to keep a track of merchant programs alive and dead, so we can check for any expiring at DGM2. This DGM2 Merchants page is a manual solution to substitute for the computer program which we had which kept a track of "obituaries", a program which no longer works now that the "new improved" system has been introduced. We wish DGM2 luck with resolving such things, but in the meantime we have to look after ourselves too!

Not everyone is happy with DGM. I mean, look at this... http://www.stampdemon.co.uk/dgm-uk.htm !

It is very sad that DGM UK (Deal Group Media UK) has gone into Administration (2010). Affiliates would like to be paid. There are times like this when a Cheer Me Up page is required to lighten the mood a bit!

There are a variety of ideas about what is to happen next about DGM. One of the more hopeful lines is a bold offer by TradeTracker who seem to be inline to take on many of the merchant programs.

There is still a mystery and there are Questions about DGM UK that need to be looked into and are worth thinking about.