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Cheer Me Up!
You can cheer yourself up at this site.

Make yourself Happy! It's a Positive page that's done well for years. Thanks, Google. It's been nice while it lasted!

If you need a website to cheer yourself up, you may have found such a site here! Zyra's website is good as a Cheer Me Up website, as well as being fun for many a good tea break! This should get you to put a smile on your face and make you more happy.

Zyra's website is ideal for the self cheering up, and if you've not seen it before then Welcome! There's quite a lot of it, so much scope for making notes, bookmarking, and being cheered up on an ongoing basis.

Go on then, cheer me up!:

Some of the reasons why you may need to be cheered up are to do with the state of the world or "perceived reality", so you may be chuffed to find that quite a lot of things which are believed to be the case... aren't! Take a look at some interesting intriguing misconceptions, which are just hints at the way the imagined reality falls short of Real Reality!

There's a whole set of strange things to be found to be fun at this site as seen in such publications as Zyra's Circular (see example), which you are welcome to sign up to, and there are many offbeat notions which may be cause to up the emotional positive condition, for example the funny ideas about mock fine china bowls, some strange uses of gerbils, the ultimately basic level of basic astronomy, and more than a few crazy inventions and concepts, fun pictures of cats and pictures of dogs, and bizarre things such as how to mend a roof with Edam cheese skin, to name but a few out of many amusing items. Of course there's always retail therapy, but Zyra's website doesn't need to be overcommercial, because if you enjoy the site you'll probably shop here without any overt persuasion or silly spam-based splat advertising. (More about spam at the spam page). Here the success is based on being friendly and providing a resource for general-purpose doing of good, and then good business is a side-effect, and that cheers me up!

What's really needed to cheer people up is initially something that's merely amusing, but at a more in-depth level, what's needed is HOPE. That is, the hope that the situation in life will improve. Interestingly, such hope is provided at this site because of the notions of being able to get rich, which can be done (Zyra has done quite well running an unusual website). Also, there are strategic methods versus the depressing normo-reality, most notably the philosophical engineering involved at Direct Drive>. OK, it's not for everyone, but I have found it's possible to implement it and to improve life considerably. Now that is very cheerful! You can do with some good news like that.

BowlThis is also helped by the intriguing fact that Retail Therapy need not be expensive.

To get some idea of what kind of crazy person Zyra is, take a look at the front page, a few curious pictures, and the speech by Zyra: Looking on the Positive Side which is at the Perceptions Forum website. Meanwhile at Zyra.org.uk to see the extent to which the fun has expanded, see the Full Site Index! Now you've discovered this curious website, you should have fun exploring a great many Zyra's appearance sometimes cheers people uppages which you can visit, some from links on this page (things underlined are links), and some from other pages which you can look up in the site index (A..Z, like in the index in a book). There's a lot of stuff at this site, and you can keep on coming back to see more of it.

I hope I will cheer myself up more now that the hosting of this website has been upgraded!

Also see How You Can Help This Site

Why this page was created:

Realising that people needed to be cheered up and Zyrawould at some moment ask of a search engine the wish "Cheer Me Up!", then in consideration of the fact that what was needed was a good, positive result, rather than the stuff that used to come up, it seemed a good idea to create this page so as to attempt to fulfil their wish to be cheered up!

For years this page did really well. Thanks to Google especially! It was nice while it lasted. Now, alas, this page seems to have fallen out of favour (2012). I have no idea what it's being (falsely, most likely) accused of, so it looks like people are just going to miss-out. Shame! Then again, here's some good news: There's a Toxic Drums Cheer-me-up page. I think that's at least as good as this page. Good luck with it!

Update: Well Done to Blekko! Blekko may at some time replace Google!

If you have your own website, and you think this page is still some good, it would be nice if you'd consider doing it a favour. Give this page a link!

Not everyone likes this page, but most people do! It cheers a lot of people up.