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Having Your Own Website

The Advantages of Having Your Own Website explained

Having your own website has many advantages.

* Freedom of Speech is the most notable. You can write your own stuff online, and people out there in the wider world can read it. Governments might like to silence it, but there's not much they can do about it. Several tyrannies have already fallen since this started. Also, companies are less able to preserve a flim-flam propaganda advertising campaign, as folk can pass comment upon it.

* Making Money Online. You can put in affiliate links to companies and you get paid if people buy stuff. If you're wondering how this works, see What's it like to be an affiliate

* Worldwide contacts. If you have your own website, people from around the world get in contact with you. More people know you than you know. Having an international audience doesn't mean you'll be inundated by incoming requests. There is a sensible balance of fame.

* Promote your special interests. The aspects of your individual choice can be promoted and you can get connections with like-minded people. Websites of other people who like what you have to say may link up to your website.

* Your wisdom is appreciated. You may know things which would help other people to be well-advised. It's up to you to have a say and help the world to improve. (It doesn't mean they'll listen, but at least you've had a say).

This page exists in addition to the page How To Get Your Own Website, which explains how to get the four things you need: Domain, Hosting, Content, and Connectivity. However, these are all explained in detail on the page about How To Get Your Own Website

Having Your Own Website is a crucial thing about The Internet, and it's likely to be about long after Social Networking sites are dead. It's like the way Independent Affiliates will be around long after price comparison sites are obsolete. Incidentally, Search Engines stay in business because there's more than one of them. If there was ever only one, it would get corrupted by the government.

Another way to look at this is to consider that independent viewpoints will be around on an ongoing basis, whereas having a conformity where everyone has the same views is likely to be on the decline.

Culturally, the idea of having your own website may seem alien to folk who were brought up as passive recipients of information. However, now we are moving forward towards a future which is more "democratic" in a non-political sense, you can have a say. Having your own website is in some ways like standing on your own soapbox and making a speech in public, but also it's like having your own broadcast channel where you are the other side of the screen. Folk out there are interested to hear what you have to say.

If you would like to see about having your own website, here's a useful page explaining how to achieve this: How to Get a Website. Note: It is not expensive. Plus, it is likely to make money.

Also see How to have your own website even if you don't understand computers