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Links are good. Reciprocal links are especially good. Requests for a link at have been especially popular, so much so that it has not been practical to keep up with requests that have been coming in.

So, before requesting a reciprocal link here, please understand that this may take some time to do. We'd prefer to avoid having an automated system, as these can't be sustainable long-term because search engines aren't going to be fooled into ranking a site highly just because it's got a bulk link system!

So, please take the time to look around this site first rather than just requesting a link with here to see about the banner

We're more favourably inclined to reciprocal link with websites where a moderate number of well-chosen links are put in place because you like them rather than hundreds of arbitrary links shovelled through an automated system just to fool the search engines. I'm sure you understand why it is this way.

To see the link/description/banner see the intro page, and it's also worth looking at the page about linking with

The policy here is to have reciprocal links with lots of other sites. It's good diplomacy, but also it increases the amount of visiting going on generally. (Propagation). It's also good for promoting sites to search engines as the fame of a site is greater the more other sites link TO it. By far the best way of promoting a site is to get as many other people as possible to have reciprocal links with it. This idea has caught on, and so there are quite a lot of links on this page. In fact, there have ended up being so many that the page has had to be split. If you are looking for YOUR link, remember that I'll most likely have linked to you from within the general context of some of the pages of the main site, and not just from a set of reciprocal link pages. To search for it, you can use the advanced search facility at and specify "sites that link to me". Also, on a manual search for your link, don't give up if you don't find it on this page. It could be on any of a set of other pages including Reciprocal Links Page 2, (for bulk requests), and now also on (for new requests after March 2003)! And then later Recips2! Even splitting it like that, there is still a snag, as there are "too many" links on this page. So, it's had to be split up again. Also see Recip3.htm and Recip4.htm . There is no automated system here for reciprocation, and it's all done in a manual ad-hoc way. In contrast, see the problem mentioned at the end of this page! In the end it has become such a muddle that we are not even sure whether we link to ourselves properly, so we have set up the "Clique" - an experiment in website interrelationship.

This site, , has reciprocal links with the following sites:

Link to the second page of Reciprocal Links hereXyroth-Enterprises


AntsKaraoke (was

Wayout Publishing

Speedi - was

Linda Moghul (front page and links page) was

Vinyl Bargains .com ( (banner on front page)

Mental Magazine

Pioneer Consensus (was )

Symon Price (links page) - was - see protest against the mental health bill

Mental Health in the UK (additional links page) - was

Rip and Scam provides you with all data related to the field of scam or spam along with various useful information and tools to bait scam or spam mails. - We are also linking to them from scams.htm and rogues.htm and they are linking to us from (links page

Boston Uk .com

2nd-to-Nunn Computers


Fairway Hotel (was ) (members' directory)

Sente Software (off the links page)

Transgender UK (for the over 18 and broad-minded) (gone! was )

Ultimate Band List - was

www, from the page (family-friendly sites alphabetical index "Z" list)

Perceptions Forum (from various places in the site including my page there) (off the LINKS page)

Alwyn Botha's 1001 Periodic Table Quiz Questions - was

Ribbon Exchange (off the PRODUCTS link page) (off the Schizophrenia Links page)

Arts United Graphics (off the Links page; Miscellaneous Page - was

As¥luM GothiC ClothinG - Description: Gothic & Alternative Clothing, Footwear, Jewellery, Make-up & Accessories - Buy online or by mail order - Free worldwide delivery - Monthly special offers - Chat room, message board & event listing - Gothic Asylum gone?

Hippy's Happy Home Page - was

McQueenie Miniatures

Artizan of Boston (was )

Looperman - we were linked from

The British Register For Alternative Practice on the reciprocal links page (Domain taken over. was )

Bananashoes on the LINKS page - nice review! Linked back from ... update... now ! and we link via the Belief page. Interestingly, they also get a mention in the newsletter Circular 52

Yes, they are correct in their prognostication that it is possible to discover such things here as... Astronomy hotel? Memory metal? Toilet radio? Goat Christmas? and numerous other odd things!

A-Z - dedicated page now have reciprocal links with this page: Mr Mash ...both of these impressively from the front page!

Shame about Geocities from the page (Gone!)

Dedicated page for (tourism reservation network in China) from the front page! - sadly that site seems to have fallen victim to cybersquatters!

Nespeed - was from the Directory Page -

The 419 Coalition from the Fighters page

Redflag - Extensive China web index (linked from the VARIOUS category)

Bali Hilton? Bali For You? See the BALI page and also the en-bloc reciprocal links page

Lottery Information Directory
Lottery Directory and Lottery Search Engine
- someone please show me my link?

#1 Astrology Service Find Your Fate, the online source for astrology, palmistry, horoscope, vastu, panchang, numerology and many more...

MarcusElectric Spiky rubber jewellery - was
Spiky rubber gothic jewellery constructed from shards of rubber, coloured beads, chain and nails. Selling from Electric Ballroom, Camden, London. Does mail-order + wholesale

The Sadducee Printouts - Unorthodox Jewish beliefs of Dov Ivry - was

Fine Structure Constant - a 20th Century Mystery from the front page!

Nocturnal Creations - was - - "Nocturnal Creations is where you can get custom made costumes, clothing, corsets and anything out of your imagination" ...Kim Shafer (from "links") - was on the Gothic page here.

Pennyfarthing Antiques - was

Cosmetic Surgery UK - described as "Cosmetic Surgery UK - Breast Implants UK - For the breasts of your dreams we offer safe surgical excellence. Finest aesthetic cosmetic plastic surgery in the UK." (was - covers for aeroplanes

Solar Eclipse 2002 South Africa at (not found - was )

Tower Bridge from the Cool Links page

PublicAds - reciprocal arrangement - was live, but sadly it's now been got by cybersquatters

MetaSearchAt - search engine - domain lost!

Rose's Turn Transgender Boutique

International Platinum Association - was

Boy OR Girl? - Predicting the Sex of Your Baby, Horoscope, Prediction, Predictors - - gone - cybersquatted - on the links page - was

Also see - gone - links - was (was )

Free-For-All Links Directory: (gone - was ) (gone) from Information and Advice ( and Shopping Sites (was - see Shopping Malls

Indian Astrology
Custom reading & compatibility analysis manually. No computer generated reports. Free horoscope forecast on your moon sign. Baby names & astrology lessons

Dr Foot from the Tips Page

Superbike News

Ask Alana / SoulMate

Unterwö (was )

Leather Belts bySkip - Manufacturer of quality mens and womens custom accessories

V21 - Thanks! V21 are linking to us as a good example of an affiliate! ( not found 2004/12/23 )

The Pagan Fishgod Priests - was

Senkron Travel#1 Turkey&Greece Tour Operator for Istanbul hotels, turkey hotels, Athens hotels, Greece hotels and Greek islands cruises
travel turkey, travel Greece, travel Istanbul, travel Athens, cruise Greek islands, etc.Welcome Back!

1-2-Book Hotels - Instant room availability and discount hotel reservations for hotels in Europe.

Accommodations Alojargentina - offers Apartments for temporary rent, hotels, apart hotels, tango lessons, Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires and Argentina (was ) - removed because of persistent requests for a link despite there already being a link up here!

Printers and Toner Cartridges - offers HP, Epson, OkiData, and Lexmark, Xerox and other brand name printers and toner at discount prices.

(we're linked from )

Nevada Las Vegas Hotels (was - Best value Las Vegas hotels, vacation rentals, condos. Latest news and travel services. (We were linked from "unsorted links")

Online Texas Holdem - Games, tips and strategies. (we are linked from /links60_1.html )

Don't Spend (gone! was ) - "Compare and save on credit cards, cell phone, mortgage, insurance, long distance, Internet access and more". - we were linked from (domain lost!) "We bring you all of the excitement and glamour of a real casino right to your desktop". See gambling instead!

(if you get a chance to check any of the sites mentioned on this page please tell me if any return-links have been accidentally lost. Especially report bad links where domains have been hijacked! (last verified ok 2010/10/03))

There are also reciprocating arrangements with , Yellow Pages, some Affiliate Schemes, and with SOME Search Engines

And we are trying to persuade other people to also put in links to THIS SITE. Also note that the above mentioned sites are linked to from various other places within this site, (not just from this page, because that would be silly). It's a simple and fair offer; you link to me, I link to you. If you'd like that for your site, please put in a link request and I will try to include a link to YOU. There is a BANNER available. Tell me where you are linking from within your site, and where you would like linking to from this site. (The to/from business becomes clear when you see that it would be silly to have everyone's link on the front page!).

If you've already got your side of a reciprocal link in and you've linked to me, but you find you're not yet on this list here, e-mail me to make sure I know, and remember that the site is published and updated every now and then in ISSUES, so once I know, it'll be in the next issue.

Also see that there is another option for being linked to by this site, and that is to have an entry in the PRESTIGIOUS LIST and/or by being included in one of the CATEGORIES or by other agreement. E-mail me and I'll consider it.

Yes, but this is getting silly! There has evolved a new breed of reciprocal link merchant to exploit the fact that search engines like reciprocal links. As a result, some places have bulk reciprocal links. In fact I have heard that Google will punish sites that have too many links. This is very bad news here as we like to link with as many places as possible because it's good for the interlinkedness. It even brings into question the whole point of it! Anyway, considering there were three hundred and fifty links on this page alone, a decision had to be made to split it, and there had to be some way of deciding. The decision was to split most of the BULK en-bloc reciprocal links off to a separate page. To see this see Reciprocal Links page 2. If you find your link has been shifted, don't grumble too much! I am probably listing your sites from the BALI page or the Hotels page or the Credit cards page or the Ringtones and other mobile phone snazziness page or some of the other pages within this site, AS WELL AS the Reciprocal Links page 2 or the additional page ! Even after splitting the main Reciprocal Links page, there were still too many links, so it had to be split again, so there's now also recip3.htm and recip4.htm ! Chances are, for any particular site, if the truth be known, it's most likely being linked-to by several pages. The first place to look is the Categories

More about the philosophy of Reciprocal Links here. Note that reciprocal linking should be done ethically. This is also explained on the page, and contrasted with the bad ways of doing it.