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What's good about this is for one thing it's good INSTANT MASHED POTATO, but also that there's a sign on the front of the pack that says GLUTEN-FREE. This has more meaning than it seems, because MASH is by its very nature gluten-free, so surely all brands of mash could claim this?

But Intersnack who make Mr Mash have stated the fact UP FRONT, showing that gluten-free is something good and worth boasting about. Also, honest and voluntary statements about what is in the food SET A GOOD EXAMPLE.Improved pack of Mr Mash

Other information on the front of the pack: NO artificial colours, NO artificial flavours, NO added salt and LOW in fat. Mr Mash used to be manufactured in France but production has now moved to Holland. Mr Mash is distributed in the UK by Intersnack Ltd, 5 Richfield Place, Reading, Berks RG1 8EQ. Mr Mash has the highest potato content in the UK with 99% and the flakes provide a superior eating product which is as good as homemade (but takes only seconds to prepare).

The company improved the recipe and brought in an improved pack design, but it is still Gluten Free of course and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Plus, the new version of the product manages to keep perfectly ok without the preservative. The new product was researched with existing Mr Mash users Multipack of Pom Bearsand proved to be significantly preferred to the old design.

Intersnack UK is part of the Intersnack group (HQ in Cologne, Germany) which is famous for its huge range of savoury snacks (crisps, tortillas, stack chips, pretzels etc) and also distributes in the UK the children's products POM-BEAR (and also previously JUMPYS*), which were also potato based. Pom Bear is a teddy shape and Jumpys* was a 3D kangaroo shape. Pom-Bear is widely available in the larger supermarkets in multipacks and available in single bags through Woolworth, Superdrug, Londis and other stores. Pom-Bear is also in Holland & Barrett branches.

* Pom-Bears are 100% Gluten-Free and this is stated on the pack. Jumpys disappeared at the end of 2005 or 2006, but Pom-Bear goes from strength to strength and it is one of the fastest growing snacks in the UK!

Another point of note: A question about "Pom-Potato" arrived here. Pom Potato? Pom-Bears? a coincidence, maybe. See this page: POM POTATO

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News! (2001/12) New Intersnack website launched!

Also see the Pom Bear website (fun, but requires ActiveX!): www.pom-bear.co.uk