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Holland and Barrett
UK Health Food Shop who say "We're good for You".

The UK's most well known health food chain Holland and Barrett. Top up on your vitamins and supplements, so you create a healthier you.

Holland and Barrett:

"Holland and Barrett is the UK's leading retailer of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements.

Holland and Barrett stores are a familiar sight in almost every major city and town across the U.K and have always had a commitment to its customers to provide high quality products at value for money prices.

As the UK's largest health food retailer, Holland and Barrett offers an unparalleled range of natural health products all at best value prices. Our extensive range of food supplements, health foods and herbal remedies are constantly expanding to respond to the challenge of creating new and innovative products to enhance well being.

With so many products available we know it can be confusing. Holland and Barrett has almost 80 years experience in helping customers choose the right products to help maintain optimum health.

Holland and Barrett bring you over 1,000 high quality vitamins, minerals, health foods and other nutritional supplements".

Affiliate comment: Having visited Holland and Barrett myself I have noticed that when some product lines are on offer, they are very considerably reduced. I'm keen on the full-range vitamin and mineral tablets myself, in the large sized jars, and sometimes I've seen these go for less than half price. Of course the range is changing all the time, so it pays to check to see what's available each week. Now you can shop at Holland and Barrett online, which makes it even easier.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


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