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World Health Organisation.int

NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE UK 0845 46 47 uk. Also see Cure the NHS!

Goodhealth Worldwide

Holland and Barrett

The Body Shop ®


Zyra's MAD LINKS page and MENTAL HEALTH links

Coeliac disease and intolerance to wheat

Milk-free contacts //// SOY problems

Crohn's Disease

Health & Beauty

Boots the Chemists

Health Insurance


Androv - lamps to beat S.A.D. winter blues

Miss Bollywood

Pro Sun


Easy Life Group

Multipower UK

Health Express

First Aid Warehouse

Tria - Laser Hair Removal

Executive Shaving

DNA Worldwide

Chums Ltd

Power Swabs

My Being Well

One Click Pharmacy

African Mango Plus

Perfect C Breast Enhancer



Jewel Therapy

Gorgeous Shop

Just UK

The Online Clinic


The Sun Care Shop


The Health Bay

Fitness First

Slimming World US

Foot Health Care

Healthy and Essential

The Health Counter

Scent Store

Beauty Bay

Pharmacy Place

Dr Nirdosh

Dr Natura

My OTC Store

HGH Energizer

Healthy Herb Herbal Health Superstore (awin)

Pharmacy Sources - Online Guide to Online Pharmacies

Bragard Medical - Medical Uniforms

Optician Sources - Online Guide to Online Opticians

Wrecking Balm - Non surgical tattoo removal

BUPA International

The Slim Girls Box Of Secrets

Modern Herbals

B and S House of Health

Women's Healthcare Direct

KMI Club


Beauty Sleuth

Paula Young

Spa Finder

Health Monthly

Human Touch

ZipVit - health supplement vitamins

Yes Style

Pet Medication

Switch 2 Health

nails inc


Lifes 2 Good Europe

Traverse Bay Farms - healthy fruit supplements

La Preya

Medilife Direct

Online Pharmacies

To help someone give up smoking, you can get a Coughing Ash Tray ! (Paramount Zone)

PPP healthcare

Standard Life Healthcare

Mio Watch

Charlotte Naturals

Cyber Checkout

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare


Charles Nicholls

Chemist Direct

Home In On Health

True Acai


True Herbals

Whole Man

Beauty Trends

Passengers Only USA

Beauty Expert

The Shampoo Shop


The Chemist

Pharma Pro


Mobilis Healthcare

BUPA (uk)

Mums The Word

Dental Plans - USA


Glow Girl

Howru.org (gone)

Eating Disorders

Top Fat Burners For You

Palm Reading by Sina Cigana


Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Energise Your Life - high quality juicers, blenders, water filters, vibration machines, saunas, q-link pendants and many other health-related products.

Healthy Direct

Miss Groovy

Health Care Services - Health-Care Services providing information on many injuries to help you cope with please visit us for more information.

Slendertone - body toning without having to think about it.

Nitmix - Nobble those Nits without killing them!

LiceGuard - Kill head lice and then prevent them coming back!

Croup - What is Croup and how dangerous is it?

Acne Treatment Web Resources - was http://www.acne-treatment-web.info - Your one-stop resource for Acne Treatment and other related topics.

Reversion Acne Treatment


Seriously Groomed

Philosophy Skincare

Oxymax Fitness

Acnecareskin.com - gone

Mama Mio



Salon Skincare

Trim and Slim

Beauty Needs

Troo Healthcare

Cosmetic Alchemy - LiLash™

Green People

The Gentleman's Shop

Skin Energizer

Just Buy Online

Cheap Smells

Revitol Anti Aging Solution

PhD Fitness


Adonis Grooming

Chemist Online

Discount Dance Supply

Feel Unique

Derma Plus

Diet Chef

Gold's Gear



Eco Hamster

Restyle Fitness


Direct Cosmetics

Strawberry Net

Very Asia

Lush Cosmetics

www.healthchoice.org.uk - freedom of choice - gone

Xyroth's Health Resources

Prime Naturals - Safe effective products for people and pets

Private Health Care Guide
The Private Health Care Guide covers all types of private health related services. - was http://www.privatehealthcareguide.com

HelpingHandz aerobics video

Essentials London

Dove Spa


Baby Quasar

Raz War

One On

GMC - the General Medical Council

Your Health Food Store

Idol Lash

Love Scent Pheromones

Waterpik Store

Health To Happiness

Muscle Advance Creatine

Muscle Advance Protein

West Coast Saunas

Complete Gyms


The Swedish Diet

Socialist Health Association - was www.sochealth.co.uk


Idol Lips

Spa Health

Lovely Skin


My Beauty Heaven

Natural Cures

Qualified Health

Tesco eDiets

Health and Care

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

Aromatherapy Gold


Get Coached

Excalibur Cutlery

Puritan's Pride

Asset Chemist

Home Herbs

Ormorovicza UK

Unbeatable Sale


NLP Life Training

Own Products

5 Minute Angels

Weight Watchers UK

Active Beauty


Rush Industries


Deep Blue Supplements

Neo Strata

Smoke Stik

Stott Pilates

Love Honey

Alta White

Quality Health

Green Bay Harvest

Buy All Means

British Mobility Scooters

Digest It

Ithaca Sports

Neals Yard Remedies

Monde Bio UK

Must Have

OJ Commerce

Idol Tan

Beauty Collection


The Supplement Store

Dynaspine International

Crystal Clear

Electronic Cigarettes

Fit Bug

Explosive Nutrition

eCig Wizard

Maqui Berry Select

DIY Dental Impression Kit

Smile 4 You

Fix Store

Convenience Medical

Nose Secret

HFL Solutions

FHI iron

Thane Direct

Vena Pro

Fitness Megastore


AFG Fitness

Private Meds


Idol White

All About Ramps


Mobility Aids


Chemist 4 U

Sticky Jewelry

Live Strong Fitness

Treat Your Skin

Botanic Choice

Skin Beauty Mall

Try No No

Ultra Life Shop

121 Doc

Beauty Store Depot


South Beach Smoke

Dokter Online

Stress No More

Fresh Cig

Joint Advance

Ace Magnetics

Denta Works UK

Derma Care Direct


Love Yoga Online

Scrubs and Beyond


Crystal Tec



Alison Claire

Yowza Fitness

Clear Smoke

Wiz Fitness

FULL fast

Bell and Bell

Oregon Scientific




Mario Badescu Skin Care

Mental Health Drugs

Organic Beauty Now


Drakon Tea


Skincare Heaven

Trust William

Beauty Encounter

Zeta Clear

Smoke Relief

Thera Breath

Happy Feet Plus

Brite Smile Shop

Revitol Scar Cream

Freedom Cigarettes

The Smile Place


Our Weigh

Ever Since Cosmetics

Proactiv Canada

Treadmill Fitness

Discount Vitamins and Herbs

Me and Goji

Supplements To Go

Mobility Matters

Best Gym Equipment

SkinCare RX

Diet Chef

Runners Need

Healthcare 4 All

Smart Smoker

Health Buy

Only Hair Loss


The Recovery Network

K J Beckett



Active Sports Nutrition


Home Clinic

Somerset Skincare


Shoppers Deal

Dual Action Cleanse

Bowtrol Colon Cleanse

Vibration Fitness

Fat Attack

Health Clubs At Home

Earthrise Foods

Acai Berry Select

Nuffield Health



Simply Whispers

My Protein

Stock N Go

Bohdi Shop

Look Fantastic



Physio Room

Totally Wicked

Estrella Brite


Breast Actives

Treadmill Fitness

Citadel UK

The Gym Website

LA Muscle

Health Shop Direct (AARC)

Pip Health

David Lloyd Leisure

Lloyds pharmacy

Guthy Renker


UK Med



Esporta Health Clubs

HQ Hair


Beauty Intuition

Life and Looks


Maximum Sports Nutrition



World Health Statistics books for sale

Miller Brothers

Learn how to save a person from STROKE

Go Bio!

Hypnotic Tracks

Buy Me Beauty

BBP Bags

Scrubs UK

Caralluma Actives - weight loss

Carewear Clothing

NEOM Luxury Organics


Choice Health Mag

Hair Genesis

Dr Siegal's Cookie Diet

Lifes 2 Good

Rowlands Pharmacy

Human Growth Hormone

Natural Elements

Silk' n SensEpil

Revitol Hair Removal Cream

Birt and Tang

Guthy Renker

Time Lapse Wand USA

The Electronic Cigarette Company

Quest Protein Bar

Synthesis Colour - colour therapy - was http://www.synthesiscolour.com

London Cosmetic Laser Centre - For laser skin treatment

Children Services Abuse

allcures.com - new affiliate program required

Herbal Health - natural remedies

eDiets ()


JML - shopping channel UK

Drop Weight

Body Shapers Fitness

British Voice Association

www.nos.org.uk - osteoporosis

Fit Orbit

CNM Online - washroom hygiene products

Arthritis Care.org.uk

Ivy Rose

Weight World

Mark V Tweezers

Look Mantastic

Pai Skincare

Echium Skin Care

Healthy Living Store

MicroAce Programme - pain relief system (awin)


1st Vitality.co.uk (awin)


Evolution Slimming

Euromail Shop

Higher Nature

Prancing Leopard

Vital Vitamins

Beauty Spot Cosmetics

Alcohol-free Shop

Wilkinson Plus

Pure Ultra Vitamins

Heart Research UK

Spoil Me Now

Simply Fair


Pharmacy Fix


Atlantic Drugs

Dr Office Jobs

Vikki Lamotta Cosmetics

Smooth Fitness

Tip Top Vitamins

Details For Men

The Brace Shop


Acorn Body Care

Crabtree and Evelyn


hair, beauty and skincare products for black and mixed race people

So Smooth

Topnotch Fitness

Patent Health USA

Medical Alert USA

Parent Giving Store USA

Magnetic Therapy

Vitamin Way.com - Discount Vitamin Supply


Prescription Giant

Kingsbrook Podiatry of New York - was http://www.geocities.com/mikes714/KINGSBROOKPODIATRY.html

Traditional Chinese Medicine: China Guide


Epilepsynse.org.uk - National Society for Epilepsy (NSE) website - The NSE is the largest UK medical charity for epilepsy

Fit and Well - A positive outlook on Epilepsy - was www.fit-and-well.co.uk - please say if this comes back.

Advice about cosmetic surgery
For laser skin resurfacing, scar removal, etc: London Cosmetic Laser Centre

Cabbage Soup Diet Company - was http://www.1cabbagesoupdiet.com/

Rhys's Blog - comments about MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement)

Independent Health Association - was www.iha.org.uk

Digestive Disorders Foundation - was www.digestivedisorders.org.uk

The Brain
featured at Xyroth Enterprises


Silver Wellbeing

The Beauty Room

Heart Math

Makeup Direct

SlimVit - nutritional supplements and health products

Weight-Loss in Australia


Just Beautifully

Flint Edge

Is it possible to avoid getting a hangover?

Energy Muse

So Organic

American Medical ID

Crystal Age

Treatment Abroad
Health and medical tourism site providing information for UK residents considering hospital treatment, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, or infertility treatment abroad.

"Eolos enables to train specifically the muscles responsible of breathing: Diaphragm, abdominals, laterals, oblique, etc. obtaining improvements in the resistance capacity and quality of life. Eolos can be used by everyone besides people in sports, music, performing arts activities and asthmatic individuals. If you need any other information about Eolos or have any other inquiry, please don't hesitate to contact us. Look forward to your reply".

http://www.aviation-health.org (gone)

British Allergy Foundation +44 (0) 208 3038583

Marty speaks well of the NHS and recommends you become a blood donor

Allergy Aid - www.allergyaid.co.uk missing?

TLC Sport

First Aid 4 Sport


Emperor's Herbologist

GNC.co.uk - vitamins, minerals, herbs such as St Johns Wort, Creatine etc

SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder - alternative LightBoxes

Food Allergy.org

www.endo.org.uk - endometriosis

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Virility Health - the aphrodisiac supermarket

Shy To Buy

Fragrance X

Students Of Medicine

Accessories Studio

MANKIND - stuff for men

Elixirhealth.co.uk sells vitamins, supplements, minerals, herbal, juicers, health and slimming products, including homeopathic, detox and alternative medicine, based in Cornwall, UK.

Doctor Croc - Doctor Croc is a line of products that cure skin problems or just keep your skin naturally healthy and looking beautiful.

British Nutrition Foundation +44 (0) 207 4046504

Garden Pharmacy
"The UK's largest online perfumery and pharmacy"

Dog's Health

Animal healthcare books: Crosskeys

The Dangers of Radiation from Mobile Phone Masts

BBC Audience line 0800 044 044 uk

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea - was www.sleepapnoea.org

Which Slimming Pills Work Best?

Nurses Network.co.uk - was www.nursesnetwork.co.uk

Self Help.org.uk

Dr Rath - was www.dr-rath-research.org

Hair Supermarket

My Beauty Secrets

www.friendsforthefuture.org - the Gesundheit Institute - was www.friendsforthefuture.org

Myeloma.org.uk - affordability issues with the NHS

The British Register For Alternative Practice
(The BRAP is a Published Directory of Information that lists Practitioners, Therapists and Professionals within the United Kingdom who specialise in all areas of Alternative Practice)
(domain gone. was www.brap.co.uk )

Organic Sprouts in Capsules

www.westfieldhealth.com (gone?!) - the Westfield Health scheme.

www.youreable.com - positive site for the disabled, worth a look

Consumers in National Health Research

www.orthomed.org.uk - OrthoMed - Orthomolecular Medicine

Yoga without tree hugging - "Yoga without tree hugging is a simple, relaxing Yoga without New Age baggage. This web site provides a free book, a free online class and details of evening classes in Bristol, UK"

Chiropody and Podiatry Services Wales - "Providing Chiropody and Podiatry services, Biomechanical assessment and foot acre to the community"

Natural4Life - "for wholesale prices on BarleyLife, Herbal Fiberblend and the full line of AIM Products. We also offer these high quality herbal supplements and whole foods in the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand at low wholesale prices."

Toxorhynchites - a type of giant mosquito which kills the tiny disease-spreading mosquitoes.

Treatment of Anxiety and Depression - "Anxiety and depression are among the most prevalent and highly treatable forms of mental disease in the whole world. If you or someone you know suffers with an Anxiety Disorder and Depression, please give this site a look. It is well worth your time". - Unfortunately www.anxietycure.org has fallen to cybersquatters

Prescription Giant

www.geocities.com/HotSprings/Sauna/2579/ was a mental health oriented site.

Beware of fake drugs

www.iahp.org/staff/glenn_doman.html is more oriented to brain damage

www.footinsoles.co.uk - "We provide a comprehensive summary of a variety of foot conditions such as bunions, heel pain and corns. We also provide information about sporting injuries such as achilles tendonitis and shin pain with advice concerning the appropriate treatment options".

Awesome Wheatgrass - Free e-book. UK supplier of Wheatgrass kits, seeds and juicers for sale. Learn more about great health using Wheatgrass. - was http://www.awesomewheatgrass.com

www.ultrabreathe.com/ is a device for improving breathing


Bio Life Global - was http://www.biolifeglobal.com - - "THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LIKE THIS IN THE WORLD ! Immunologists and doctors developed Immune 26 a food to BUILD and PROTECT the function of the immune system, although not a cure it was found those who suffered disease and medical treatments were able to cope better with symptoms and had more energy.Sold worldwide.Over 100 worldwide patents" - except this seems to have been redirected to http://www.suzysshoppingexperience.com/

Sanidrain - toilets without the need for special drains and the usual plumbing

Xyroth casts doubt upon Doctors Prescribing Habits

A piece of advice to manufacturers of generic prescription drugs

Lyn Rennick - concerns of health problems associated with dental amalgam - was http://www.members.aol.com/lynrennick2000 - gone because of AOL Hometown - also see Element Mercury

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