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Health Insurance

UK citizens get health insurance by the NHS regardless of financial status or personal preference, funded by TAX. The NHS is good and provides the basics, but it's not everyone's ideal answer to healthcare or health insurance. In the wider international world, schemes such as the NHS are the exception rather than the rule. Many people, especially those who can afford it, choose to have privately funded healthcare. As well as a higher standard of care, there is also the power aspect, as you are the customer so you make the choices!

This page gives a reasonable choice of companies who offer private medical health insurance:


Endsleigh *

Sovereign Health Care *

Standard Life *

HSA Healthcare - Cash Plan *

HSA Healthcare - Personal Medical Plan *

HSA Healthcare - Dental Plan *

Dental Plans USA *

Maternity Card *

Qualified - USA *

BUPA International *

Active Quote *

Medicare Insurance *

Goodhealth Worldwide *

Norwich Union Healthcare *

WebMoney Health Plan *

Basic Health Insurance - Canada *

AXA PPP health insurance *

eHealth Insurance *

US Insurance Online *

Life Insure *

AXA PPP Emergency Dental Plan

* (was with OMG)

Virgin Life Insurance *

Virgin Cancer Cover *

insNow *

British Gas Life Insurance *

Assurant Health USA *

Direct Line Life Insurance *

UK Life Direct - Life Insurance *

American Medical ID *

Lloyds Insurance *

Screen Trade *

Music Guard *
Specialist insurance for musicians, bands, orchestras, recording studios, sound engineers etc

Sun Life

Scottish Widows

Arguments about the good and bad of the UK's world famous NHS will run and run, but to keep it in balance, there are some things it's very good for and some things less good. To take extreme examples, in the UK if you are poor and you need a heart operation, then the NHS will cheerfully provide tens of thousands of pounds of modern surgery and care and save your life without charging you. Great! But if you need your teeth mending and you need a new pair of specs so you can read the print that's too small, don't be surprised if the NHS offerings are less than Hollywood glamorous and street-credworthy, complete with mercury amalgam and elastoplast-ready plastic simulated whalebone frames. You may choose to go private to get a better look, but at least remember the good deal the NHS did on the life-saving surgery!

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Human beings are best insured "fully comprehensive" rather than "fire and theft".