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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance provides some safety and peace of mind when travelling, touring, voyaging, adventuring, or just going on holiday. If you come a cropper while a long way from home, the insurance company helps you out. It's especially important to think about travel insurance in advance before travelling and to take it seriously, especially if you normally live in a cushy country where state provision of insurance (funded by tax) is an assumption in life while at home.

The solution is simple: Get some travel insurance before you travel. It's less expensive than might be assumed, because travelling is much safer than most people might guess, and travel insurance companies can spread the risk so it's fair to everyone.

Here is a list of a few companies who can provide travel insurance:

InsureAndGo *

Endsleigh *

Lloyds Insurance *

AA Travel Insurance *
Travel insurance as well as car breakdown recovery

Liverpool Victoria Travel Insurance *

Direct Travel Insurance *

Barclays Travel Insurance *

Cheap Travel Insurance *

Columbus Direct Travel Insurance *

Direct 2 Insure *

Go Travel Insurance *

Nationwide Single Travel Insurance *

Nationwide Annual Travel Insurance *

Top Dog Insurance *

Explorer Travel Insurance *

The Post Office *

easyJet Travel Insurance *

Debenhams Travel Insurance *

Saga Travel Insurance *


Insure With Ease *

Ignite Insurance *

Flexicover Travel Insurance *

Your Travel Cover *

J S Insurance *
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Asda Annual Travel Insurance *

Asda Single-Trip Travel Insurance *

Churchill * - aw YES! welcome back!

Essential Travel *

Aviva Travel Insurance *
which includes Aviva single * and Aviva annual *

Direct Line Travel Insurance *

Argos Travel Insurance *

Worldwide Insure *

MultiNational Underwriters - USA *

American Express Travel Insurance *

More Than > Annual Travel Insurance *

Norwich Union * as Aviva

Norwich Union Annual Travel Insurance *

Norwich Union Single Travel Insurance *

The following ossuary is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone:

1Stop Travel Insurance (awin) *

Zurich *

RAC Travel Insurance *

Skydeals *

Avanti Travel Insurance *

Marks and Spencer Travel Insurance *

GoSure Ltd * (awin)

Churchill Travel Insurance *

World Nomads * - Link temporarily removed as we are PENDING at DGM Australia. This is also on the page of Australian Stuff

Primary Insurance *

aspro *

Club Direct Insurance *

TravelCov * - Travel Insurance Specialists (awin)

The preceding is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone

Hastings Direct Travel InsuranceHSBC Bank Account Plus - was http://www.hastingsdirecttravel.com - see Hastings Direct

Also, did you know, if you open an HSBC Bank Account you get free worldwide travel insurance?!

Travel insurance can insure you against your luggage getting lost but more notably it can insure you against ill health or accident while you are travelling.

It's worth knowing that car breakdown recovery is a type of travel insurance, where hopefully you never need to claim, but, if the motor conks out miles from anywhere, you'll be glad you had your rescue available.

Another thing: How to avoid being robbed in a hotel room

Also, here's a news article by the data recovery company with some helpful info about Safeguarding your Data While on Vacation - The perils of the "working holiday" explained and covered in advance of the expedition!

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