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A few Australian Antipodean Australasian items, anything of that Southern continent and islands, without over-emphasis on mentions of kangaroos or of being upside-down...

Budget rent-a-car Australia - car hire and truck hire in Australia

Lasseters Casino of Alice Springs

DGM Australia - affiliate marketing company

TopShop Australia - Welcome Back!

dStore - department store - Welcome Back!

Australian estate agents

iSUBSCRIBE - subscribe to magazines - Welcome Back! Thanks for making the right decision!

Affiliate Tracker - independent affiliate programs available worldwide by means of this Australian software

3 Mobile Australia

Value Hosting - domains, hosting, ISP (gone)

Sea World Resort - a notable aquatic theme park resort in Queensland, Australia - previously Sea World Nara Resort

Incidentally, do you know Australia has the largest barrier reef in the world? Well you probably did know. It's famous, the Great Barrier Reef. But do you know which country has the second largest barrier reef in the world? It's Belize

Qantas - famous Australian airline

Austravel - flights to Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and worldwide stopovers.

Dymocks Booksellers (gone)

Air New Zealand

Oasis - Australian Dating International

Carhire com Australia - for hire of cars in Australia

BibliOz and BiblioQuest - search engines for books

Uluru / Ayers Rock - we haven't yet got an affiliate program with that, but it is an interesting geological landmark.

SeekBooks - www.seekbooks.com.au - dgm affiliate program seems to have gone?

Blockbuster Video (gone)

eBay Australia

Zuji Australia - travel!

Caribee - Aussie backpacks...

Weight-Loss - real results - shucks, that's gone as well!

Collins Place Flower Shop - see florists

Gilletts Jewellers - Design your own titanium engagement ring! (gone)

Ennia Lingerie - www.ennialingerie.com/ dgm affiliate link seems to have gone - see Lingerie

Roses Only - gift shop - Link temporarily removed as we are PENDING at DGM Australia. This is also on the page of Florists

DVD Orchard - Region 4 DVD (Gone!) Anyway, DVD Region Coding is a thing of the past. In the modern global world, Region 0, freedom to buy a DVD and to watch it anywhere.

World Nomads - nomadic travel insurance - Link temporarily removed as again we are PENDING at DGM Australia. This is also on the page of Travel Insurance

Swag Mail - Swagmail is email for travelers and understands the email requirements of backpackers (Gone!)

Paul's Warehouse - Australia's premiere on-line sport store (gone) - see sport

Aussie Wallets (Gone!)

Zodee - underwear - Welcome Back! Sometimes these things take time at DGM Australia. Also see the page linked from Underwear

Readers Digest Australia (It's there! even if the old program has ended)

Hostway Australia - hosting company - see Internet Service Providers

Red Balloon Days - see adventure gifts

Oz Lotteries (gone now it's dgmPRO) - see gambling and lottery

Chaos Music (DGM PRO) - music, games and more

eBooks - Did you know, the International eBooks Centre is based in Australia?

Perfume Connection
"The Perfume Connection, Australia's leading fragrance specialist is now online! With over 30 stores throughout Australia "
- gone. see Perfume

Gadgets PTY Ltd (gone now it's dgmPRO) - An Australian owned company located at Auburn NSW. "Our mission is to provide the most complete range of hi-tech products in the field of popular digital cameras, mobile phones, handheld pdas, mp3 players, photo printers, battery and memory accessories".- gone. see Gadgets and Gizmos

Cuisine Courier (another one gone on dgmPRO)
Cuisine Courier has been operating in Australia since 1986 as a residential and corporate restaurant delivery service. "Our mission is to provide a world class restaurant experience infrastructure that conveniently brings quality cuisine to your door whilst guaranteeing customer service excellence. * POINT * CLICK * EAT * - World Cuisine delivered to your door"- gone. see Stuff to Eat

Lime Mobile (gone - dgmPRO) - see mobile phones - Australian Mobile Phones

Lavalife (gone - dgmpro) see dating

Come on DGM Australia, let's get some of these Australasian affiliate links back on again as Live!

Indulge Fashion - downunderwear and er...outbackerwear!!! (gone) - see lingerie and fashion

Intrigue Design - gifts and gadgets (gone) - see Gifts and Gadgets

Web Car Hire (gone)
Car hire in Australia, New Zealand, and worldwide. See Car Hire

Universal Telecom (affiliate link gone)

Chooks! Chickens in Australia, if they are "free range" then they really should be Free Range. This matter is highlighted with an important announcement at the end of the page of Free Range Chickens - Bad New for the Australian Egg Corporation

Terrakt in Australia - how to defeat this virus/trojan!

Yahoo Personals gone - see dating

American Express Australia - shame!

Well Done to Australia for being one of the first countries in the world to accept modern gender-diversity and to allow people to have passports where their gender didn't have to be forced into the pigeonholes of "male" and "female". Pioneering of human rights

I've heard it said that if you hitch hike around the world and talk to people about your travels, then in the UK they say things like "but what are you going to do about insurance?" and "how are you going to sort out your accommodation?" and "what are you going to do about the weather?" etc, but in Australia, people just say "Good on ya!"