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eBooks.com the digital bookstore is an international company, based in Australia. How about that? Prices are quoted in US Dollars, and delivery is... anywhere in the world, of course.

In the words of eBooks.com... "eBooks.com is the web's most popular digital book store with the largest range of contemporary ebooks from the world's leading publishers.eBooks

With prices well below hard copy books, and the unique appeal of instantly downloadable books, sales at eBooks.com are growing exponentially".

Described as "The Digital Bookstore", eBooks.com is an online destination where you can have a good browse around and make your choices.

The range of books is wide, like a big book emporium. There are textbooks, novels, bestsellers, romantic fiction, sci-fi, academic studious books, and works of reference.

The eBooks are presented as if they are traditional books made of trees, but that's to give an impression of what they are like. It's the equivalent of music files being presented as looking like discs. See, it's possible to spread knowledge without trees having to be pulped.

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Additional note about e-books: Shop around for ebooks which are relatively unencumbered by "digital rights restrictions". Remember: you're buying a book to own, and you need at least the same rights as if you bought a book made out of paper.