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Help in case of problems with links on pages at this site...

On Zyra's site there are some pages about companies where there's a link to the actual company. These are usually affiliate links which help to keep this interesting website in business.

If these links work, then that's good! You can follow the links and visit the companies, and hopefully find what you are looking for and buy it.

The advertising at Zyra's website is done carefully, so you can make your mind up and decide what you want to do. Some affiliates do this kind of Select Advertising, but some prefer the old way of doing it, Splat Advertising. Because splat advertising can be annoying, some people have tried to defeat it by the use of clever programs such as Norton Adblocker. This is all very fine if you want to eliminate lots of silly superfluous advertisements which clutter up a page, but that's not what you find here, and although Norton Adblocker is clever, it's not clever enough to spot that we are using sensible select advertising and there's just the one link on the page, so you can end up having nowhere to go!

Norton Adblocker isn't the only ad blocking program around, and some of the others make similar mistakes, so you may find your chosen link on a page here has been censored out, and the software is preventing you getting to where you want to go.

If you find this is happening, you may wish to lobby the software company to get things right, but in the meantime, here's a method which may help. Good Luck!:

1. Check to see if you are in an establishment that has censorship. If so, LEAVE, and try on a computer on which you have some liberty. If it's your own computer, or you have other good reason to believe you should have the freedom to see these things, continue...

2. If you have Norton Firewall or other ad-blocking options, turn them off. Do not turn off anti-virus options or other important safety features! However, DO turn off ad-blocking! Also, set JavaScript enabled (or on prompt).

3. Have another go at the page in question.

4. If you still see no links or banners, clear your cache (Temporary Internet Files) and have another go.

5. Try this method which has proved effective for someone in this situation: Possible Solution

6. Still no luck? e-mail

This method and the philosophy about advertising is also explained at a similar page about problems with underline pages at this site. See help with them

Also see Affiliate Marketing and what it means for the customer