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Bookshops, or Book Shops, places where you can buy books, works of literature, items for reading, tomes, printed matter, text files in hard-copy, prose or poetry, fact or fiction, reading or reference, collections and works of words, indeed such erudite verbosity is available for your perusal from this list of emporia of purveyors of the written word here...

Amazon *

W H Smith *

Waterstones *W H Smith

Foyles * - the world's most famous bookshop

Blackwell Books * * *Select here for Amazon

Disney Book Club *

Dorling Kindersley *

Books Direct * *

Questia *Foyles

I See Me *

Puffin Book Club *

ABE Books *

The Book People IE *

Penguin Books *

Puffin Post *

Painters Books *

Borders *

Bangzo *

Wow HD *

Mills and Boon *Penguin Books

Lonely Planet *

Scholastic Book Clubs *

Dymocks of Australia *

Cengage Brain *

Red House *

Little Hardhats *

eBooks *

Zoo Books *eBooks

Bookadoo *

Discovery Channel Store *

Personal Novel *

Deep Discount *

Snazal *

Personalised Books - category of books with you as the leading character in the narrative

Price Minister UK *

Nick Jr Book Club *

BibliOz and BiblioQuest - the book search wizard

e-TSP *BBC Shop

Stryd Penlan Books

A1 Books India *

Gauntlett's Bookshop


Super Mart

Woolworths *Mills&Boon

The Hut *

Kay Books - books about Lincolnshire

Bupa Shop *

Book Byte *Encyclopaedia Britannica Online

SeekBooks Australia *

Reader's Digest *

DVD Box Office *

Tractorland *A1 Books India

The British Museum Store *

Stories Are Us *

Country Bookshop *

Here are a few Books For Sale which I have myself

Select Cheaper *Jumbo Go

Audible *

The Onion Store *

GearHead Cafe *

The Book People *

Browse For Books *

The Scholastic Store *

STAMP DEMON's BookshopReader's Digest *

RBooks *

The Works *

Book Closeouts *

Little Fashion Gallery *

TASTE - the food book club *

Country Book Shop * (aarc)

The MIT pressWaterstone's

Alibris * (was with PlugInGo)

Mill House Books - was

Student Book World (awin) *

Crosskeys Pet healthcare + pet training books *

Zero Point Zero *Dymocks Booksellers of Australia

Jumbo Go *

New Holland Publishers *

Mild Child Audio Books *

Talking Book Club - was

Parkinsons of Southport

Yrarbil EhtDorling Kindersley

Books For Children *

The Book Place * (aarc)

Argos Entertainment * Association with Bookstore *

Adventurous Traveller Bookstore *

Zavvi *

QPD * ()

World Books * ()

The Softback Preview * In Association with

Country * (awin)

BOL - Just Good Books *

HP BookfindersClick here to link to

Pilgrim Books (closed)

New Aeon Books - was

National Geographic *

The Good Book Guide * * *


Music-Books-Online - was

Did you know? At one time The AA used to be a bookshop, but they've decided to give it up so they can spend more time with their car breakdown recovery services!The AA

Virtual Bookshop at - was

Borders (was - was

Advanced Book Exchange *Waterstone's

Daily Mail Bookshop - was however seems to have been hijacked by cybersquatters


Streets Online *

hitflip *

Text Books At Cost / Akademos LLC *

Magic Books? AzureGreen Metaphysical Witchcraft and Occult Store *

Pickabook *Tesco

Tesco *

Boomerang Books

Download free books at Gutenberg

eHarlequin also give you some free books * - Book Reviews offers video book reviews (book reviews on video). Concise and fascinating insights into a wide variety of books, by a wide variety of book reviewers. - (not to be confused with Blue Square which is a gambling place).

Unsworths BooksellersAdvertising provided by Amazon

Word Power Books

Ethical Superstore *

Chapel Books

Wanted: Someone to Set up and Run a Bookshop

Britannica *

Heffers (also see record shops)W H Smith

Anarchist Bookfair - was - domain lost

Billingborough Books +44 (0) 1529 240215

Sandwell MIND Bookshop (was - Specialists in mental health

Jihad Baydoun - Beirut, Lebanon

The British Register For Alternative Practice
(The BRAP is a Published Directory of Information that lists Practitioners, Therapists and Professionals within the United Kingdom who specialise in all areas of Alternative Practice) (domain gone. was )Disney Book Club

* = we have an affiliate program there


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