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If you love to read ebooks, you'll love the eBookshoppe. There's a great choice, unlike the crusty old titles that used to be available.


"We have been eBook fans for over 10 years. Back then eBooks were only really available from non-UK websites and the titles were generally more than 80 years old. This was great if you were studying English Literature at University or liked random 19th Century periodicals from Utah but not if you were into modern Sci-Fi or anything written in the modern vernacular.

Perhaps the last comment is a bit unfair, Dickens, Bronte(s), Verne, Wells and the rest make damn fine reading and have pride of place on our eBook Readers. Check out our Classics section for these bastions of the English (and French) literary hall of fame.

Even so, the quality of eBooks until recently was variable. You had a choice of reading them on your PC (not very portable) or on a pocket palm computer in bog standard text format or pdf if you were very lucky.

Over the last 2-3 years eBooks have been reborn as a result of wonderful new technologies such as smart phones and eBook readers. You can still use a laptop or desktop to read them too.

The best bit about all this is that the eBooks are better quality and tend to be UK versions, in the UK at least. Which is a welcome relief and makes buying and consuming eBooks a little more predictable.

So with the above in mind we made this website in an attempt to offer the widest range of UK eBooks possible across and as many formats as we could manage.

We even do AudioBooks, which is a nice bonus".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:



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