www.zyra.me.ukThat's me! Zyra

Ooh look! It's a ME website. Me, myself, my website, me and my website, my website and I. You too could have your own website. You could be www.[yourself].me.uk and get yourself some international personal self-promotion!

See How to Get Your Own Website. One of the things about having a .me.uk website is that the name is inexpensive (see 123-Reg) then if you get a proper hosting it's up there on an ongoing basis. On a previous issue I'd have suggested free websites, but there is no need, as the small costs of doing it properly are worthwhile. See How to Get a Website

I don't build new websites for other people anymore because it's most cost effective running my own website which makes quite a lot of money on affiliate programs. If you'd like to have a go at that too, see What's it Like to be an Affiliate?

Zyra.me.uk is connected well with Zyra.org.uk and has website content which is interlinked. Zyra.me.uk is the home of Zyra's full site index which is a large but straightforward A..Z index of all of the Zyra pages as per the old site index. As well as Zyra.me.uk there is now Zyra.ME which is different.

Zyra.me.uk was started at a time when Halifax had a special offer on their Halifax Platinum Card where they were giving away some Marks and Spencer vouchers, so in a way I got an exceptionally good bargain on this webspace.

Many of the .me.uk sites are personal, but occasionally you see a company that's .me.uk , for example the personalised photo art company PersonalArt.me.uk

Well done to www.digits.com for providing a FREE counter with no cookies!

Reciprocal Link enthusiasts, please point your links to www.zyra.org.uk, even though I'll probably link to you from the page www.zyra.me.uk/recips.htm or recips2.htm ! (link info can be found at the intro page)

Among the many pages spread throughout the multiple webspaces, a few of the items that are at Zyra.me.uk are: The folly of sending .DOC files , What's a Googol? , What's a Googolplex? , The search engine GOOGLE, Scrufts dog show, Phones4u, The Clique, Cool Beanbags, Presents should be fun!, Floccinaucinihilipilification, Warning about messages Fw:Goldfish, Just For Gifts, Is this the last remaining Nashua 4200 photocopier?, Me Me Me Accessories and Loads of Other Stuff. This site also hosts Photographs of Birmingham 2 and the Full site index of Zyra.org.uk (also see main (sectional) site index)!