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Yes, OK, it's become even more of a muddle. This page of EVEN MORE reciprocal links is part of but if you'd care to link to me, I'd prefer it if you to link to my front page of ! The policy here is to have reciprocal links with lots of other sites. As per the first Reciprocal Links Page, it's good diplomacy, but also it increases the amount of visiting going on generally. (Propagation). It's also good for promoting websites to search engines as the fame of a site is greater the more other sites link TO it. By far the best way of promoting a site is to get as many other people as possible to have reciprocal links with it.

Reciprocal links are a good thing, as explained at the page about reciprocal links. The problem is when people aren't fair, for example when they don't link back even though they said they would.

This site, , has reciprocal links with the following sites:

Irish Kilt Club - was from links2 (gone) Blue Cruise Turkey : Yacht Cruise along the Mediterranean coast. Options include Gullet Yacht Sailing in Antalya, Marmaris, Bodrum. (sadly, this and other OldCity links have been removed because the company persistently sent spam link-requests even though we were already linking to them!) All Istanbul Hotels : Guide to Istanbul Hotels with in the city,provides ratings, virtual tours and online reservations. Find out about the local area and arrange travel plans. All Class Hotels : Guide to Istanbul and Athens Hotels with in the city,provides ratings, virtual tours and online reservations. Find out about the local area and arrange travel plans. Oldcity Istanbul Hotels : Offers all kind of hotels in Istanbul, Rent A Car Services in Istanbul,Dalaman, Bodrum, Antalya, Cappadocia, Kayseri, Izmir, Marmaris, Fethiye,Adana, Gaziantep and in all over Turkey, Tours in Istanbul The Istanbul Hotels : Offers all kind of hotels in Istanbul, Rent A Car Services in Istanbul,Dalaman, Bodrum, Antalya, Cappadocia, Kayseri, Izmir, Marmaris, Fethiye,Adana, Gaziantep and in all over Turkey, Tours in Istanbul.

Istanbul Hotels And car Rental Turkey : Offers hotels and car rental reservations in istanbul, antalya and all over turkey. - was

Car Rental Services in Turkey : Rent A Car Service in Istanbul, Dalaman, Bodrum, Antalya, Izmir, Cappadocia, Adana, Ankara and all over turkey. - was - however on later inspection they were not linking back to us, and also their site had become an non-worthwhile set of hyped-up links.

Lingerie Confidential : Linked to from the Lingerie page.

Jayne Wax - confidential waxing treatment, advice on beauty, hair, and dressing. - ? Gone! It was the AOL Hometown problem.

Nanoamor - Nanostructured and Amorphous Materials Inc.

Aeclectic Tarot - A dedication to the diversity & beauty of Tarot. Includes images & reviews of hundreds of Tarot decks, plus learning resources and articles, Tarot readings, and an active forum community.

Bear Kilts - Bear Kilts is a Canadian casual kilt making company - casual kilts at reasonable prices. Unfortunately, has been lost to cybersquatters.

Aspire Lifestyle


Ruth Mills - transvestite model (gone)

Roundabout Shopper - Online Reference Guide to Shopping and Advertising Roundabout the UK - was - now - see Shopping Malls

Mr T's Mathematical Diversions (moved from )

Balinese (gone - was - a company handling tourists who come to Bali to find hotels and business furniture and handicrafts. (we are were at

Beauty Tools by Venus Worldwide - was - "We are the leading and the largest manufacturer and exporters of quality hairdressing scissors, barber scissors, manicure implements, beauty products, nail nippers, nailfile, callus rasp, corn plane, cuticle scissors, acrylic nail clippers, nail pushers, scalers, manicure sets" (we are at except that there are apparently no links there now and they don't reply to e-mails. So, the link has now been removed here! - historical mysteries that are set in and around the 6th century Constantinople court of Emperor Justinian I - moved from

Peru tour operating specialist Peru4U for your Peru vacation, travel to Peru and Peru information. - "Peru tour operating specialist Peru4U helps individuals, couples and groups to enjoy their Peru vacation and organizes their travel to Peru. Tailor made Peru tours at prices comparable to standard. Peru information". (We are linked via (gone) - we were linked from (gone)

Transgendered Explorer - was and .com (gone) ... "It provides excellent, extensive, & free guidance on setting up a UK limited company and has an 0800 free help line"

Pink meets Blue - the famous dating agency. Yes, we have a reciprocal link!

Melanie's TV Zone - was

Tree 2 My Door - ecological gifts: A great 'sustainable gift' website offering tree gifts and wild flower gifts. The throw away culture of the 1980's and 90's is passing and a new culture of sustainability is fast becoming the norm - that's what makes Tree2mydoor the gift site of the future!Tree 2 My Door Tree2mydoor offers a unique 'Ancient Wisdom' tree gift range, allowing internet users to explore the ancient meanings of native trees to the British Isles. According to Celtic wisdom, selected trees belong to different Zodiac signs and have individual ancient magical properties. The Beech tree, for instance, is considered the 'Mother of the Woods' and offers protection and nurturing. It represents deep wisdom and was assumed to help formulate future ways. The 'Tree of Love', the Crab Apple, is symbolic of healing and immortality, while the Rowan is the Celtic 'Tree of Life'. The Rowan was thought to help lift emotions and encourage relaxation.

Tree 2 My Door also have a dedicated affiliate page here.

Juicy Cosmetics - was - goth punk metal and rock clothing

Dare! Gothic - gorgeous gothic and alternative clothing, capes, corsets, shoes and stompy boots. - UK Hippy Forum - see hippy

Pink Meets Blue - online personals. We are linked from the front page and the affiliates page!

GEOS Oceania - English Language Colleges offer English courses in modern facilities in the Oceania region - Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa - was

WWW.FrankieTV.CO.UK - gone

Look For Finance - Provides research banking service information, Personal finance advice and financial planning tips and news. - was

Road Rash Rubber - was - see fashion

Quasar Electronics - electronic kits specialist

Tgirl - their main link being from the Tranny page, and their link back being from and possibly other places - all kinds of business - was - and the domain appears to have been lost to cybersquatters - now

Star Trek - Pushchairs, Baby furniture, Glider chairs etc.

Shred Easy UK Limited - Shredding Confidential Material Securely.
Our Business page is reciprocally linked!

United Support & Memorial for Workplace Fatalities

Gothic Haven - was - (we're linked from Gothic Links - was

Nautical Notions - was

Punk 4 Life - was

Justine - was - lingerie - we are linked from - see lingerie

Workplace Office Furniture

Electric Superchargers: eSuperchargers - - we are linked from Renault - or at least we were until it got taken oven by cybersquatters

Fender Talk - was - we were linked from"> - see music - Russian dating - lost to cybersquatters - Secret - lingerie - we're linked from Directories

The Modern Apprentice - Extensive information on falconry, raptor care, first aid, equipment, and apprenticeships in general. - reciprocally linked with the falconry page.

Lingerie Uncovered - we're linked from

Alexis Vogel Cosmetics (was - Cosmetics, makeup system, and tips from Hollywood's most sought after makeup artist, Alexis Vogel. - we are linked from Sites of Interest was - the premier source for gadgets - see gadgets

Darkside at 245 Camden High Street - Gothic shop

Amys Attic - was - unique range of intimate lingerie, BDSM - fetish clothing, club and street wear, sexy shoes, kinky boots, gothic and fetish outfits. (we were linked from but we are now linked from ). Also see Amys Attic on the Gothic page

The Boston Belles - Transgendered community in Boston, Lincolnshire - was - see Transgendered

Brian's Website Kiwisweb - - now - now gone - Kiwisweb Solutions freelance website design and software development solutions worldwide. Also see Shopping Malls

Matt's interesting site: Chewie (was - we are linked from

Laytime Management System - Shipping Software - LMS is a laytime management system. In addition to providing the basic despatch and demurrage calculations common to all laytime software, LMS also provides access to the statement of fact data for use in other reports and applications. - was

OOM Gallery
OOM Gallery is a UK based site representing the work of British multimedia artist Pogus Caesar. The gallery features contemporary photographs, limited edition photomontages, film and an exciting and diverse programme of online exhibitions.

Velikovski Project - was - Mars, and other interesting things. See Geocities and Mars

Stuff 4 - Free Stuff - was - mental health perspectives - see mental health

Kazzbar - "Contemporary Moroccan handmade furniture and accessories. Kazzbar invites you to create your own Moroccan experience" . We link from and are linked from "Delivery".

Clipperlight - nautical Antiques, gifts and Reproductions

Kate's Clothing - a UK based website offering alternative, goth, gothic, punk, latex and PVC clothing for those who really don't want to wear the same clothes as everyone else. The site includes Kate's Clothing original designs as well as some selected items from other designers and labels. A Wholesale range is also available.

Aquamarine - was - Jewel Info 4u : Aquamarine and other gems buying and caring tips. - was on the Jewellery page.

Standing Stone House Signs - Refreshingly different house signs hand crafted for the discerning home owner.

Megaeras Realm - Gothic clothing, jewellery, cards, magazines and gifts, including personalised mugs and custom made candles.

Franchise for Sale - was - Franchise for Sale business directory offers descriptions of franchise opportunities and businesses for sale. (we WERE linked from )

Restaurant Franchise = was - (linked from the page of Franchises) has a link to from the page - "We have a wide range of male skirts, pvc and velvet goth wear, t-shirts and hoodies. Goththing gothic clothing for all your goth wear. FREE SHIPPING IN THE UK." - youch! the domain has been cybersquatted!

Sydney Harbour Cruises :: Christmas Parties & Group Functions - See the whales on their way as they pass Sydney Harbour with Australian Spirit Sailing. Offering you the best in warm, friendly and professional service.

Sailing Whitsundays - Boat & Yacht Cruises, Catamaran, Schooner and more, Great Barrier Reef - is full of information and deals for your holiday in the Whitsundays. Sailing cruises are offered on charter yacht, boat, catamaran, schooner and many other types of vessel. Cruise the Great Barrier Reef in style. (see franchises) - we are linked from

Mark's Realm - was - personal information, interests and family. - also linked from Characters. Another one lost due to Geocities

The Glow Company (see Party Supplies) - Actually they link to us at rather than ! They now have a dedicated page entitled The Glow Company

Alchemy Gothic - Goth Jewellery and Giftware products

LA Wheels Direct - Wheels & tires shipped to your door. (We are on Link Partners 3 - link number 1115, or at least we were until the page at disappeared)

Grumpy Old Sod

The Gothic Vaults - For Everything Gothic - - another one lost to cybersquatters

Moon Town Cafe - the page links to/from the page of poetry

dbPerl's Database Scripts - was - Generate custom perl database script online in less than one minute with add, edit, delete search and webmaster backend routines. - linked from /links/linksdir.html = / Internet

Your Magick Spells ( - Occult/Witchcraft/Magick - "Powerful Love & money spells that are guaranteed or your get your money back. The only site that offers real & genuine spell that are guaranteed". -

Faery Dawn - A truly holistic approach to harmonise mind, body and spirit - High quality therapeutic natural remedies handmade in Wales. - was

A.G.A. Airport Car Service - Philadelphia Airport Transportation to / from Atlantic City. (links to How to run a company) was

GB Driver Car Accessories - Great range of car styling accessories, alloy wheels and motoring gifts with FREE uk delivery.

Motorcycle Forums - Motorcycle Forums - - Motorcycle forums & community resource based in Canada.

Joanna's Jewellery - an extensive range of unique and handcrafted earrings, rings, silver and gold jewelery, body jewelery and bangles. (/JewelleryShoppingDirectoryLinks.html)

My Silver - comprehensive silver jewellery site (linked from Jewellery) - Artificial Foreteller. Associative Neuron Systems. A challenging use of associative self-building neural network. It was applied for forecasting in stock trading, and can be used for oil prospecting, mineral exploration and many other areas.

Also, financial and legal advice at UK Advice - was - including UK Bankruptcy Law at the page of">UK Bankruptcy Law - Free advice on bankruptcy law and insolvency procedures of IVA in UK. Bankruptcy defined as settlement of Liabilities in UK law has defined as the settlement of the liabilities of a person or organization that wholly or partially is unable to meet financial obligations. - in the MAD category - We're glad to be mad :)

Isabel Art Gallery
"Oil painting reproduction, jewelry, gemstone jewelry, diamonds & oil portrait painting. Isabel Art Gallery offers prestigious fine art oil painting reproductions of Masterpieces, fine gold jewelry, gemstone jewelry, rings, diamonds & oil portrait paintings entirely hand painted by professional artists, graduated from Art Schools".

Camden Guide - at which Zyra's page about Camden is prominently featured at Other Attractions. - was - we linked there from Music

Get Gadgets ( - it's a gadget shop (and now the links work both ways, or at least they did!)

Fashion Forums

Fragrance linked prominently from the page of Scent

OFIZ - Virtual Offices in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich, Rome, Brussels, Vienna, Frankfurt, Berlin, Madrid, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Stockholm, Lisbon, Milan, Dublin, and many other well-known European cities. We have a reciprocal link as a portal, and they are also promoting Vivostar the web hosting company!

SilkMelody - "Home of genuine silk collections for women's formal dresses & accessories. SilkMelody provides a full line of exclusive women's silk clothing & accessories, including shoes, handbags, scarves and formal dresses, etc. with artistic digital printing". - was - see fashion - High Quality English-Russian Translation of personal/business letters, phone calls, documents. Native Russian translators. Low cost. 24 hour turnaround.

Fessonia - was - a whole new realm of resources being developed

Eclipse Nightclub Boston - 5 Sibsey Lane Boston Lincs UK. Phone +44 (0) 1205 354345

South24 - another brave new venture!

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