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We could still add some more poetry on here.


david xeno


The Ballad of Kublai Khan

Carol Batton the Manchester Poet

Poetry at Perceptions Forum

Hypnotic Trance Orientated Poetry and Verse - was www.shadow.contactbox.co.uk

Friendship Poems -A friend is a friend is a friend. What is a true friend? Explore what friendship means to you.

Jim Desmond - also see Jim Desmond's My New Direction - poem about incoming e-mails!

Demonrobber's Surreal Poetry

Entitled "Gothic Poetry"

Poem Tree

Moon Town Cafe


If you're looking for the lyrical carpet cleaners, they're VANISH

Or if you are looking for some poetry by Zyra, there's some verse near the end of the speech at www.perceptionsforum.org.uk/zspeech.htm