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Gothic Match

Pyretta's Lair

Body Jewellery Shop

Matazone Corsets

You Know It

Punky Fish

Black Banana

Fresh Trends - Body piercing jewelry

New Rock Shoes

Toronto Goth

Gothic UK - was www.gothicuk.tk - gone - "Sorry, Gothic UK is no more due to lack of time to update often. Please visit Demonica Gifts UK, our former sponsor, which has fab kitsch, retro and alternative gift ideas plus Pucca, Ruby Gloom, Happy Bunny, Meanie Doodles, Elizabeth McGrath and more. International shipping". - except that http://www.demonicagifts.com ended up later relinking to www.easywebstore.co.uk which was apparently nothing to do with it. AND it had silly pop-under ads

A History Of Goth by Scathe


Blue Banana

Vampire Freaks - Gothic Industrial Culture

Darksites.comJumpy Vampiric Logo

Banana Shoes - kinky boots

Cloggs.co.uk Gothic Footwear


Bebbideki T-shirts, hair-dye, etc

GlitterGoth - Alchemy Gothic Jewellery, decor and accessories at Glittergoth. Let your dark side shine.

Spraci Gothzone Australian Gothic Events

Soapbops - Goth soap and wedding favours

As¥luM GothiC ClothinG - Description: Gothic & Alternative Clothing, Footwear, Jewellery, Make-up & Accessories - Buy online or by mail order - Free worldwide delivery - Monthly special offers - Chat room, message board & event listing - was http://www.gothicasylum.com

Death and DementiaAre You Gothic?

Obscuria - Darkly Unique Offerings

Drac-In-A-Box Gothic clothing, jewellery, cyber-wear etc


Ginger Hustlers The American Gothabilly band, based in Oregon - was http://www.gingerhustlers.com

Churchill Creations - Gothic/Biker Style

Vampiric Studies - was http://www.geocities.com/vampiricstudies

Gothic Engine - a Gothic Search Engine and/or set of Gothic Resources

/goth - down, not across - was http://slashgoth.org/

Nightnews Bazaar

^*^Shadow Clad^*^ - An Online Gothic Flea Market - An English girl's site of used/nearly new Gothic Clothing & Accessories at greatly reduced prices!!

The Order of Initiative

www.Gothic.net (Resurrected!)


Whitby Gothic Weekend
Also worth knowing you can take part in the RNLI Dracula Drop Bungee Jump - perform a death defying stunt and at the same time raise money for the Lifeboats!

Pittgoth.com - in their own words "this site is dead".

SF Goth - was http://www.sfgoth.com/

The Arcane (was http://www.thearcane.org)

Astral Moon - a Gothic site with Alchemy Gothic products and Manic Panic Cosmetics and Hair Dye, also selling Pagan and Wicca products.

Sophie Lancaster Foundation - bullies who killed a Goth? They're not looking so big now there's a film!

Vampire.co.uk - goth punk metal and rock clothing

Kate's Clothing - An extensive range of alternative and gothic clothing from the UK, great service and fast delivery. Kate's Clothing is a UK based website offering alternative, goth, gothic, punk, latex and PVC clothing for those who really don't want to wear the same clothes as everyone else. The site includes Kate's Clothing original designs as well as some selected items from other designers and labels. A Wholesale range is also available.

UKgiftcompany.co.uk - a website that sells the entire range of Alchemy Gothic products

The Last Chance Saloon (was http://www.thelastchancesaloon.com)

InFest (Problems with the domain http://www.infest.org.uk)

Vicky's Goth Transvestite Page

Bizarre Moon - was http://www.bizarremoon.com - oddly it has waned

Darkside Gothic Clothing

Ninja Kitten
An authorised Lip Service stockist, based in the UK. With a wide range of New and Current collections, Previews of forthcoming lines, plus a selection of Rare items dating back to 2000...

Cute and Evil
"I make cute and evil clothing for the slightly deranged".
- was http://www.cuteandevil.com

Gothic Subculture
The "Goth" issue explained for folks who don't understand it yet.

Ethos PVC - was www.ethospvc.co.uk

MarcusElectric Spiky rubber jewellery - was http://www.geocities.com/marcuselectric/
Spiky rubber gothic jewellery constructed from shards of rubber, coloured beads, chain and nails. Selling from Electric Ballroom, Camden, London. Does mail-order + wholesale

Dungeon of the Damned - a Gothic roleplay chatroom - was http://www.dungeonofthedamned.com - apparently suspended by the ISP. Probably too much bandwidth. I guess Vivostar could have coped!

Nocturnal Creations Online.com - "Nocturnal Creations is where you can get custom made costumes, clothing, corsets and anything out of your imagination" ...Kim Shafer - was http://www.nocturnalcreationsonline.com/

www.vags.net - Vagabonds - Gothic shop

Goththing.co.uk - "We have a wide range of male skirts, pvc and velvet goth wear, t-shirts and hoodies. Goththing gothic clothing for all your goth wear. FREE SHIPPING IN THE UK." - seems to have gone

Alchemy Gothic - Goth Jewellery and Giftware products

Waning Moon - many intriguing Gothic lines, including The Survival of the Corporate Goth

Gothic shop Darkside - at 245 Camden High Street, London. (also see Camden)

You can also locate and purchase the "Special Effects USA" hair colour range in the UK which carries some UV reactive colours!

Red Ankh - manufacturers of Gothic, Industrial, Punk Clothing - gone - was http://www.redankh.com

Dark Stage
See, there are Goths in

Beyond Redemption.co.uk is an on-line alternative clothing, jewellery, giftware and band merchandise shop in Scotland. www.beyond-redemption.co.uk (closed)

Poison Ivy - a goth / punk / alternative site (was http://www.poison-ivy-online.com/)

www.glitzandbits.co.uk/shop - a wide range of alternative jewellery & accessories available in the UK.

Gothic Tea Society

www.Gothic-Classifieds.comLifeboats - RNLI

RNLI Gothic Bungee Jump Event at Whitby Gothic Weekend

www.voodooyou.com - Skulls, skeletons scary stuff, gothic goods and accessories, voodoo dolls and spells, in fact a one stop on line shop for fantastic fiendish gifts - mysteriously disappeared!

Cymru Gothic (was http://cymrugothic.net/ )

The Mandatum - an online shop which sells gothic and street clothing (was http://www.themandatum.com)

Anna Bee +44 (0) 121 710 5430 - shops in Birmingham that sell punk/goth/ethnic/emo/hippy/grunge clothes and accessories. Also featured at Oasis Birmingham

http://blood-dance.net/goth/grant.html (gone)

Wolfkitten Clothing - Canadian online store - International delivery - was http://www.wolfkitten.com/ - seems to have been lost to cybersquatters

A Little Black Shop - where everything comes in Black - was www.alittleblackshop.co.uk
A Little Black Shop - For Black Candles, and everything you need for your alternative wedding.

Nights Realm - was http://www.geocities.com/nightsrealm/ - one of the Lost Geocities

Alienskin Clothing


GreenBee Tat - "GreenBee... clothing, jewellery and other tat" - was www.greenbee-tat.co.uk

Abusement Park Ent - "The Resurrection is fast becoming the hottest underground night in South Florida... providing the very best and latest in GOTH, INDUSTRIAL, EBM, DARKWAVE, SYNTHPOP, ELECTROCLASH & POWER NOISE !!" - the domain http://www.abusementparkent.com/ has been lost to cybersquatters

Lilactwist Designs - Gothic & Alternative handmade cards for all occasions. Striking designs with adaptable inserts. Unique cards for unique people

Amethyst Auctions - "I have just set up this auction site which I am hoping will take off as an Alternative Auction site, aimed at all walks of alternative lifestyles in the UK". www.amethyst-auctions.co.uk - please say when this returns.

Dare! Gothic - gorgeous gothic and alternative clothing, capes, corsets, shoes and stompy boots.

MoonMaiden Gothic Clothing - "I make and design all the clothes myself, so they are reasonably priced!:>) And all made from velvets, net and lace!!!! I make Gowns, Robes, Corsets, Tops and skirts. They are all very goth and Medieval! I have started on Ebay and it's been so successful that I have started my own shop!"

Spellbound Bookshop - an underground press selling strange stories for strange people in a strange world.

Dress Your Shadow - American Gothic Clothing & Accessories - Gothic e-commerce site - handmade Gothic childrenSwear, T-shirts, and accessories. - was http://www.dressyourshadow.com

ARGOTH.co.uk - (not to be confused with Argos!)

Amys Attic - unique range of intimate lingerie, BDSM - fetish clothing, club and street wear, sexy shoes, kinky boots, gothic and fetish outfits - was www.amys-attic.co.uk

Raw 7 - Gothic Cashmere

Goblin and Crumb - Specializes in unconventional leather and doll sculpture. Products include handcrafted costume masks, gothic fashion accessories, creepy art dolls and ornaments dealing with themes of dark fantasy, romanticism and art nouveau.

Hellkat Clothing - was http://www.hellkatclothing.com


The Gothic Vaults - For Everything Gothic - the domain http://www.gothicvaults.com appears to be lost, possibly cybersquatted

Omen Clothing

Mean and GreenGothic ruin in the background, and a bat

Megaeras Realm - Gothic clothing, jewellery, cards, magazines and gifts, including personalised mugs and custom made candles.

Cult Creations - gone, and domain www.cultcreations.co.uk lost!

Angel Clothing - was www.kinkyangel.co.uk


GrayLion.net - gone

www.angelfire.com/goth/mc/ - gone

Little Dead Riding Hood
"a small but popular gothic/alternative clothing company, retailing everything from corsets to entire outfits, from leather and PVC to fetish designer label latex clothing. We sell made to measure and off-the-peg, as well as a large range of alt/fetish footwear (up to a UK size 13) and made to measure boots".

Skeletal Family - was http://www.skeletalfamily.com/Bat hanging around the house

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the Gothic page has an ossuary, where the affiliate links have been found to be Dead...

Attitude Clothing

Corset Curves

Mystic Merchant

In2skin.com body jewellery online

Evil Eyes - unnerving contact lenses

Azuregreen Metaphysical Witchcraft and occult store

dead shop Clothing featuring dead celebrities.

Lady Bwear could make just about any outfit your can specify, in any style, in any fit.

The preceding is a list of places was an ossuary.

Altwear UK


Gothic Clothing by Gothic Haven
- "Traditional Victorian Goth Couture and cutting edge Cyber & PVC Wear. Leather corsets, posture collars, gauntlets and underwear! We cater for all Gothic Tastes and sizes".
- was http://www.gothichaven.com/

SpookyCloths.com - a small business selling gothic punk cyber and alternative clothing specializing in plus sizes - domain has been lost

gothCentric - online emporium for the darklyng aesthete featuring jewellery, boots, clothing and thrones! - was http://shop.gothcentric.com/

Grave Designs - "We make coffin backpacks, purses, side satchels, gothic soaps, christmas stockings and some victorian soaps. Everything is custom made at low prices"

Galactic Machine (was http://www.galacticmachine.com/)

Who lives in a house like this?Also see Gothic shops, especially such places as Spooky's, Katmandu, and the Witchcraft Shops. Also see Fashion and Alternative Market

Other vaguely gothic things: Dark places explored at Underground Interest, Poisonous dead things in glass cases at Dangerous Things International, Gothic Architecture at St Pancras, and dead people being brought back to life by Cryonics

Also, to make a grand stylish statement in death, Write Your Own Will! (costs £30 - but lasts beyond death)

If you find any naff links on this page, you know, where cybersquatters have misappropriated the domain, please Squeal on them!. The last infestation was eradicated on 2012/03/16. Also, as Gothic sites have a tendency to be resurrected, please let me know if any of those previously dead return. Several have been found to have come back this time around!

Be Aware! Stolen Gothic Stuff Alert:

----- Original Message -----
From: Greenfairyshop [at] aol.com
Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2004 6:57 PM
Subject: stolen goth/alt gear alert

I'm hoping that you can give us a bit of help in maybe catching some thieving scum. Or maybe just stop this happening to someone else. Please pass on the info below to anyone you think may be interested.

Stolen from the car whilst loading at Dark Star/Cleopatra's in Manchester's Cheetham hill on Sunday 30-05-04. over £1000.00's worth of Dark-star/Jordash Gothic clothing including lots of black bondage jeans with red/purple straps. Tye-dye tops and dresses in realy bright colours, and loads of black velvet/fish-net and pirate shirts in black and white. Also Gothic ornaments including large clear resin skulls, pentagram altar goods in black resin in black boxes with silver pentagram on lid, 2 foot tall fabric/wooden witch on a broomstick, dragons, fairies, 18" Discworld type death on a motorcycle, Discworld night-watch x 3, large 12" wizard with dragon, large 12" wizard with crystal ball, unusual dragon champagne glasses etc. If anyone is offered any of the above, or sees any of it being sold in an unusual place.

PLEASE contact us at;
Greenfairyshop [at] aol.com
Or contact Greater Manchester police.
Thank you.
Paul and Carol
Green Fairy
Unit 65
Chesterfield market hall