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At last a confidential dressmaking service where you can get clothes that look good and fit you rather than fit conformity's view. At LadyBwear, glamour is available to all, regardless of size or gender. Dress sizes 6 to 36 UK / size 4 to 34 US, available in male or female cut.

Lady B says: "I am passionate about the concepts of quality, freedom and equality. My company and my staff are non-judgemental and non-discriminating. Against all odds, we will continue to battle for these rights ... but we couldn't and we can't do it without YOU !"

Ranges include: Catsuits, Long Dresses, Short Dresses, Tops, Skirts, Jeans, Lingerie, Nightwear, Bustiers & Corsets, Bras, Panties, Boots & Shoes, Wigs, Coats & Jackets, Stockings, Pantyhose, Gloves, Accessories, Uniforms, Figure Formers, and there are also some special offers.LadyBwear

The fashion designs are radical and original, and there are a wide range of different styles to cater for many varied personal preferences. Plus there is a bespoke or custom made service. So, you name it, LadyBwear can make it. If you want his and hers matching party frocks, this is where to place your order!

Lady B is a fusspot about quality and very strict about the details. If you take a look around the site you can see this. Everything has to be done exactly right. This is good, because you get a quality product that's well made. For example, a LadyBwear catsuit is actually made all in one piece. Also, stretch fabric such as Lycra and PVC must be able to stretch properly. Many other points of finesse are mentioned on informative page at the LadyBwear site.

Lady B: "I sincerely believe that the unique designs, superior manufacture and top quality fabrics I use represent the best value for money for any comparable product".LadyBwear

Shipping can be arranged anywhere in the world and there is free worldwide delivery on orders over £200. Deliveries arrive in cleverly designed discreet confidential packages.

All this is available online, so if you have been tempted by this, here WAS the link:


For a range of alternatives, see Plus Size Fashion

www.ladybwear.com/?zyra generous semi-independent affiliate program administered via FusionQuest

I am mystified about this, because in February 2008 it was discovered that the links no longer went to Ladybwear and instead went to Love Those Shoes.com , which isn't the same line of business. On trying to get answers to questions such as "What is happening about the affiliate program?" calls were not been returned! Therefore, until this is sorted out, this page has been bunged up

It would be nice if Lady B were to get in contact, as I am sure there is a lot of interest in custom-made clothes. Although there are plenty of fashion contacts on here, we really could do well with a custom-made bespoke service available to online customers.

Update: We have now received a message from someone at Ladybwear, but the news is not good. Beside such minor points as us not being paid, there's also the more significant problem that they're saying they'll no longer offer the bespoke dressmaking service. Also, someone there seems to think it's somehow ok to redirect all the affiliate links to a different website and leave us all in the lurch. It is a shame! Well let's not worry because there must surely be a great many customers who would like to have outfits custom-made, so there is now a business opportunity awaiting a new company to replace Ladybwear, (with an affiliate program), so we can get on with promoting options of free choice in fashion.

If you are looking for clothes in fashionable female styles, but in mens sizes, there are some helpful contacts in the new category of Plus Size Fashion

If you're looking for "Catsuits that are all made in one piece" it might be worth seeing if Morphsuits can be it.