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Body Jewellery Shop

Body piercing isn't for everyone, but if you like it you'll love the Body Jewellery Shop. Suffice to say, if they haven't got it no one has it!

Body Jewellery Shop:

"The BodyJewelleryShop.com team has a long history of success both on and offline.

From the early beginnings of our first shop, customers have always praised our selection, prices, and flair for the imaginative. Ten years ago, our first retail shop opened up, specialising in smoking paraphernalia, piercing jewellery and giftware. The shop still stands in St. Albans although we've moved through four different shops since then, including an outlet in London's busy Leicester Square.

BodyJewelleryShop.com is a premier source of high-quality body piercing & fashion jewellery, with over 10,000 products all at fantastic, affordable prices.

In addition we offer free worldwide shipping on all orders over £10!

We are a worldwide retailer of the finest body jewellery, piercing tools, giftware items and adult products available and have been developing an excellent brand name with customers since we started in 2000.

Our products appeal to many different markets; from the piercing enthusiast to the alternative music fan and everyone in-between".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Body Jewellery Shop

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