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If you suffer from arachnophobia it is strongly recommended that you do not scroll down the page.

This page is kept for historical information purposes, but please note that it is no longer current as the importer of the spiders has changed lines of business and these items are no longer available! The old page continues as follows...

This is a newly-hatched company specialising in importing frightening items from Thailand, but will be reaching out feelers for importing scary items for the Far East generally. Various nasty poisonous dead things in glass cases, including such things as the EURYPELMA SPINICRUS and the PALAMNAEUSUS FULVIPES. These and many other things soon to be ensnared in the company stock list are not very nice things to have in your house, but would be even worse if they weren't DEAD!

spiderWe are looking for TRADE ENQUIRIES from retailers interested in making these items available to the public.Such things are usually only available on mail-order but it is now believed safe to offer them for sale in public retail outlets on a selective basis. Do you have customers itching to get their hands on such merchandise? At the recommended price of twenty pounds Sterling per unit we believe that there will be a number of interested buyers, both in the connoisseur market sector and also people who like to put scary things on the wall to impress their friends.

scorpionThe trade price for these items is, for orders of fifty plus units, ten pounds Sterling per unit, but orders of smaller quantity will be considered.Prices can be negotiated. What's important is building up a good customer-base for ongoing ordering over time.Remember that as the company is just starting, it is important to get in early to avoid disappointment.There are still issues of importation conditions to be resolved, and the solution to the problem of how to transport large quantities of valuable commodities around the world.For these and other reasons it is important to get your orders in early. Even then there may be a delay before stock can be delivered, but we will do what we can!

spiderspider[At this point there was an invitation to e-mail. This is no longer current!]







Customers wishing to purchase these items for their own personal use could have also written in and we would have provided information about the nearest stockist when the dealer-network was established.

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Errata: On some previous editions of this site, the species EURYPELMA SPINICRUS was spelt "EURYPEIMA SPINICRUS". It appears now that our suppliers in Thailand misspelt the name on the glass case!

A special note following questions of the form "Just HOW DANGEROUS are the spiders?". I have talked to experts at London Zoo and been informed that although ALL spiders are venomous, the species mentioned here is not regarded as DEADLY. This may be some comfort and relief to those who keep them as pets.

I hope you have found this page useful. Please note that there are no spiders and scorpions available here anymore. The importer has ceased to be able to get them and has moved into the DVD business instead! Also, the website at which this page was hosted has expanded greatly since the time of first publishing this page and now covers a much wider range of subjects; Thousands of pages in fact. Take a look at the Full Site Index to see the amount of stuff at this site! Also see the Shopping Portal and Alternative Market and a wide variety of Categories. Places more Gothic or of a more mainstream brand name style are included here. Also, if you like, you are welcome to sign up to the strange newsletters which are published on an ad-hoc irregular basis here.