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BirdsIguana / Lizard





Interesting animals can be seen at London Zoo, for example.

Pet shops: The Ferret Store have diversified into selling all kinds of animals!

Books for training and healthcare of pets: Crosskeys

Pet food and accessories are available from Pet Planet

Insurance by Pet Plan

World Wide Fund for NatureWild Animals; Save them from extinction! Join the World Wildlife Fund / sponsor a wild animal / help keep biodiversity.

RSPB - Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Blue Cross - Finding new homes for unwanted pets and stray animals

petPals - Insurance for your best Pals!

Asda Pet Insurance - Pet food and Pet Insurance!

Haiths - Master seed makers for birds both wild and tame.

Pet Insurance - general animal cover policy

Calendar Club - animal calendars and much more

Other critters and animal-related links:

Falconry Links





Why do you never see any Baby Pigeons? - the mystery explained

Pigeon on a Streetlamp - curious picture of a bird turning on a lamp


You're never more than 20ft from a RAT - not true!

If you corner a rat, it goes for your throat! - not true!

However, Gerbils - the alternative document shredder - that IS true!

...And other RAT references. also see mice

Bird-X - Get rid of those pesky birds humanely!

Bears are either assumed to be cute and cuddly teddybears, or terrifying monsters that need to be shot. The truth is rather more interesting and complex, and can be seen at Bear Study.org

Yahoo - fictional species of primitive hairy apelike brute - term coined by Jonathan Swift in Gulliver's Travels


Also, you can avoid ever having to mow the lawn again. Having a herd of guinea pigs keeps the grass trimmed, while the lawnmower rusts in neglect.


Save the Albatross


Chicken welfare - chickens and eggs produced ethically with humane conditions. Provenance of eggs, etc.

How to hypnotise a chicken - method explained.

The Easy Parrot System - it's a Parrot Taming System in a book. How to tame a parrot. "Discover How To Stop Your Bird Biting, Screaming And Feather Plucking. And How To Take Proper Care Of Your Feathered Friend" - helping Bird Owners Solve Their Desperate Problems. - sorry, it is an EXPIRED program. Shame about Clickbank

How to catch a bird that has come down the chimney - technique explained.

Alternative bird hide - birds can't see you in a garden that's complex enough.

Black Vultures - They may want to eat you, but they are willing to wait for you to be dead first

Billy's BirdWatching - holidays in Spain - was www.billysbirdwatching.com

Animal Diversity Web - thanks to the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology

If you keep an unusual animal as a pet, how do you get the animal insured? See Pet Plan

Curious as it may seem, coral is animal rather than plant.

Iguana - but what if it jumps into a swimming pool?


Dead... see Dangerous Things International

Alive... In the bath. See How to resolve the problem ethically

How to stop being frightened of spiders (cure for arachnophobia) (no pictures of spiders on this page)

Pictures of Spiders and Scorpions (yes, this page DOES have images of them)

Spiders are a good thing to have in the House

Other creepy-crawlers that are not insects: Woodlice

Cat-fleas - they are insects.

Scorpion in a Bathroom - with story.

Mosquitoes are insects. Some are dangerous because they spread disease, but Toxorhynchites is a giant mosquito which is harmless to humans, and kills the disease-spreading tiny mosquitoes.

Saving yourself from Tigers by wearing a Mask on the back of your Head. Also see Tigers - amazing as it may seem.


More Rabbit Than Sainsburys

Peter Rabbit

GeckoAnything else...

How to stop Squirrels from eating your Bird Food

Alligators that were only 4 feet long

Cobra - a photo of a snake!

Bat hanging around in the house - a bat, the size of a flying hamster, roosting indoors.

A Gecko hiding under a banana - well it was a very small gecko.

Cicada - the sound of the tropical night

Foosa - just when you thought it was a fictional animal in the cartoon movie "Madagascar", it turns out to be real.

People who would like to be animals: See Furries