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Blue Cross

Sadly, not everyone deserves pets and they often dump unwanted animals. Blue Cross aims to re-house these animals, but they can only do that with your support and donations.

Blue Cross:

"Lady and her six puppies are very happy and healthy dogs that all now live in loving homes. The sad thing is that Lady was very nearly put to sleep. If she had not been rescued by The Blue Cross, Lady, like thousands of dogs across the UK, would almost certainly not be here today…

Lady and her pups are just seven amongst more than 6000 unwanted, stray and abandoned animals that are taken in by The Blue Cross each year.

This Christmas thousands of animals lives will be at risk - The Blue Cross is working harder than ever before to find and rescue stray and unwanted pets that would otherwise be put down.

In 2007 The Blue Cross expected to take in 400 dogs from other organisations that simply do not have the resources, or the facilities to care for the number of animals that come through their doors".

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Blue Cross

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