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Domestic animals which are part of the family!





Horses - they might be your four legged friend, but are horses PETS?

Gerbils are pets, but they are also the alternative document shredder

Guinea pigs are good as pets, and they can also keep the lawn mown.

Yes, you too can learn to talk with rabbits. See the Language of Lagomorphs

Hypnotising a pet chicken - method explained.

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Spiders as pets? If we had a page about that, it would also link from the Gothic category! However spiders are featured on the page of animals

Pet Shops (UK) and Pet Stores (USA) for Pet Accessories etc

If you're going to have pets, you've got to look after them. The expression "keeping pets" is a bit anomalous. You might be able to keep small animals and it would be a matter of maintenance, but for most kinds of animals kept as pets, it's more of a friendship. Pets enjoy membership of your family, and have to be involved to a greater or lesser extent. Dogs have a pack mentality and if you're not the pack leader you've got problems. Cats are more independent, but you've got to be sociable with them or they can be quite antisocial. We talk about "good value-for-money cats". If you're thinking about getting an unusual pet, for example a reptile that will grow to giant proportions, be sensible! You will have to look after it!

All pets need insurance. You can get pet insurance, or if not, you become in effect your own pet insurer and pay the vets bills, because pets aren't covered by the National Health Service!