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Good Value Cats

It's a fact that some cats are better value than others. I have an opinion that most cats are good value cats and only a very few are a waste of time, money, and space. This opinion is disagreed with by some of my friends, but people do have differences of opinion on some things, you know.

Good value cats, or "Good value-for-money" cats, are cats which are members of the family, are fond of people, do cute things, can be stroked / picked up, etc. Some good value cats actually think they are people, and they have a sense of internal morality such that if they accidentally thith at people they feel upset and ashamed to think they have done such a heinous thing.

Poor value cats are basically feral cats that take advantage of the free food that humans (who think they "own" them) are daft enough to feed them with. They don't feel any sympathy with the people and don't have much contact with them. They scratch the furniture, poo on the carpet, and the cats aren't well behaved either!

Is it just luck that you may have a good value cat or a bad value cat? No. It's to do with how the cat was brought up, and also how you interact with the cat. I'll talk about these things separately, as you can only do things about the present time and future, and not change the past.

Good Value Pregnant Cat* A good value cat is typically brought up well in a good home. The mother cat is typically also a good value cat, but crucially the kittens are brought up to get to like people from an early age. If treated well by humans initially, the kittens grow up to be good value cats that are fond of people. If you want to own a good value cat, you should seek people who have an active female cat with a good home, and ask them if they can provide you with one of her offspring at some time.

* A cat of any type, regardless of their initial fortunes in early life, can be made better value than otherwise, by good nurture. You may have to tame the cat yourself, but if you interact with the cat and treat it well, the cat may get to regard you as a friend rather than just someone who provides food and shelter from the filthy weather.

It's important to appreciate the quality of good value cats, and to encourage the evolution of cat-kind into being even better value. Even if you can't breed from your own cat, as most (but not all) good-value cats are of the "neutered" type, you can be a connoisseur of good value-for-money cats and you can make a note of the locations of any that are producing kittens. Good value pregnant cats are especially worth looking out for. The key feature is that kittens born of good cats into good homes tend to grow up to become good value cats!

Even if you see verminous pseudo-feral cats at large going around reducing the reputation of cats generally, this doesn't change the fact that there are good value cats.

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