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Cat Valency
How many cats do you feel at home with?

It's a curious fact that people who have two cats, if they lose one, tend to acquire another cat so they maintain having two cats. Similarly, a household with three cats will continue having three cats, replacing any that are lost, and maintaining the number as per the quota. This is like valency in chemistry where an atom has a natural affinity with a particular number of connections. The cat valency of a home can be zero, one, two, three, or Many. The "lots of cats" option is such that if the cat valency is higher than three, there is no fixed number, and the place is generally full of cats, regardless of actual number, although it's never allowed to fall below three. It may be eccentric to keep a lot of cats, but that's how some people are. Interestingly, the valency=lot_of_cats situation is sometimes associated with the glorious status of being a hoarder, which is a splendid thing for sure!

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