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Eccentric is being different from what's normal, or "the norm". The word was derived from the idea that there exists some sort of "normal" which people conform to, and which is "centric", as in "in the middle of". However, normal is boring, samey, basic, and not something to end up stuck with. To be eccentric is to be different to that. An eccentric person is someone with character, style, interestingness, quintessential qualities, etc.

How eccentric are you? How different from the norm? Well it depends on how eccentric you want to be, as well as initial factors which help you to be eccentric. Generally, the more eccentric, the further from normal, the better!

The idea of eccentric in terms of a demographic tends to be the idea that there is The English Eccentric, or The British Eccentric, but to be fair, an Eccentric can be from anywhere, to anywhere, a truly International Eccentric!

Eccentric people tend to be rich. The idea of "The Eccentric Millionaire" is often quoted. Although not all millionaires are eccentric, it's often the case that any particular eccentric person has a higher probability of becoming rich than the normal people have.

You too can be eccentric, if you dare.

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