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Get Rich!?
Get Rich Quick: Schemes
Yes it is possible to Get Rich, but beware of scams!

Of course the idea is to make a lot of money easily and without having to work hard. Ideally it should be possible to take a shortcut to success and to win a fortune without much difficulty. But let's have a think about this philosophically; if it were possible to win in life by a short-cut, there would surely be a rush to do it, as almost everyone wants to get rich, and some want to get rich Quick, or should that be "quickly"?. Gambling is an immediate possibility, as it's possible to make a vast fortune easily just by being lucky! You might get rich by winning the lottery. However, experience tells the wise that what usually happens is that with gambling, at casinos for example, most people who try it do not become rich! But then again, a few do, it has to be said. So, my advice is: Don't gamble more than you can afford to lose! Similarly with any scheme which purports to do something miraculous, you should look at it carefully, think about it, don't take unnecessary risks. Then again, it's poor form to be totally sceptical and assume that no scheme will work. Remember: Alchemists failed to make gold, but technology has now advanced to the level where diamonds can be manufactured by a machine!

Now here is a list of opportunities in this Get Rich category. Some of them promise loads of money, some a way of beating the odds, some huge amounts of Internet traffic, or maybe just a relatively modest "something for nothing". I do not assume any of these to be good or bad, and I do not preach or disparage the repute of any of these. It's up to you to do what you want at your own risk.

Gambling - also see Online Casinos , Bookies , playing Poker , etc

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Pyramid Schemes - flawed

Crazy Like A Fox

Note: All of these aforementioned have some good about them, - but there are some types of opportunity to beware of such as the 419 Nigeria Scam (as seen in the Rogues Gallery), which has no redeeming features! (similarly "You Have Won The Lottery" emails are common and based on false hope. See Rogues Gallery 2!)

In theory at least, you could get rich quick by suddenly discovering that there was a prize fund, inheritance, or other unclaimed cash waiting for you, if only you could find it.

It's important to prevent your wishful thinking from clouding your rational judgement. Pyramid schemes can be a particular problem in this. Pyramid selling and MLM are sometimes sold like a religion

How about Crime? Some people consider that you can get rich by stealing a lot of money from someone else; A bank for example. It seems to make logical sense at the most primitive level. But does setting up in a life of crime really pay? Leaving aside any moral issues for now, even as a financial/economic business proposition, crime doesn't pay. The simple fact is that the risk of being caught makes the likely money reward not worth the likely punishment on a probability basis. It's the hidden risks that's the thing. (Potential criminals should read this and save themselves a lot of unnecessary jail time and embarrassment).

This Page, with its calm approach to the nature of Get Rich Quick schemes, has historically done very well and has been very popular and has helped a lot of people. The interesting irony is that this is at Zyra's website, and Zyra has become rich, although not quick, by means of running Zyra's website and having properly done affiliate marketing, which you can learn about in the pages about affiliate marketing. After a few years this has ended up resulting in Zyra having to find out about tax havens because of the success! If you would like to see some more about how to get rich if you've got some patience and are willing to be careful, see How To Set Up Your Own Business and How To Get a Website. Your success in getting rich is much better if you are the initiator of your own plan and if you think it out carefully. (If you fancy making an attempt to Get Rich by being in the affiliate business, it's a good idea to join the low fuss networks first).

As an industry standard, it is possible for someone running a successful business to go from nothing to having a million pounds in ten years.

If people ask you "If You're So Smart Why Ain't You Rich?", make a note of their contact details and then you might choose to ask them the same question at a later date when you are rich.

If you want to Get Rich, then if you're sure that's what you really want, then you might very well achieve it.

In terms of time, and any notion of get rich Quick, you might be lucky and win the Lottery and then have the interesting and puzzling questions of what to do if you win, but if you set up your own business and become a success, that takes time and effort, but it is fun and there is a sense of achievement.