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Diamonds: Crystals of pure carbon. Legendary for being the hardest known material, and prized as the ultimate jewellery treasure. Diamond is a gem of beauty which shatters light into brilliant colours, but is also seen on the active tip of industrial cutting machines for cutting through that which is not easily cut!

Diamond is made of the same atoms as soot, pencil-lead, and the carbon which organic life is based on. Alchemists dreamed of turning base metals into gold, but had the problem that these were fundamentally different atomically. Oddly, base carbon and priceless diamond are the same atomically, so they'd have been in with a better chance! See How to make diamond

As well as being very hard, diamond is a good conductor of heat, and also has a high refractive index (2.4). The carbon atoms in diamond are arranged in a tight tetrahedral crystal matrix which is very strong, but transparent to light.

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