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Endless Diamond Embrace

Endless Diamond Embrace

More Than A Diamond

If you can't afford a large solitaire diamond ring, there is a much cheaper alternative, that has just as much impact. Using their patented 'embrace' setting, Endless Diamond Embrace will create you a ring that will get everyone talking!

Endless Diamond Embrace:

"Endless Diamond Embrace sells our patented Embrace Diamond setting. An Embrace Diamond is a branded diamond setting style for rings where diamonds encircle and ‘embrace’ the center diamond to create a seamless solitaire appearance.

The exquisitely positioned diamonds reflect a much greater brilliance and give you a larger look than a single solitaire diamond. Our customers get much better value at a fraction of the price for a ring of a similar size.

Embrace Diamonds are near perfect, white diamonds.

Every diamond in an Endless Diamond Embrace engagement ring is also matched in color and clarity, resulting in a stunning ring at an amazing value not available elsewhere!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Endless Diamond Embrace

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