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Game of Poker
List of poker playing resources

Remember: Gambling is supposed to be FUN, and you should only gamble what you can afford to lose.

In the game of Poker, skill and luck are required. It goes further than getting dealt a good set of cards and applying the best tactics. You have to be able to do something extremely cunning as well: Don't tell the other players what cards you have got. It may sound easy, but if you're not careful, you could give the game away. Here are some helpful online Poker playing resources, and it's entirely up to you if you want to visit them...

Ladbrokes Poker

Hollywood Poker

Coral Poker

Virgin PokerBlue Square

Sega Poker

Blue Square Poker

Betclic Poker

William Hill Poker Club

888 Poker

Circus Poker

Party Poker

Poker Strategy

PoKeR Casino

My Bet - includes Poker as well

Holdem Genius - like having a Poker Playing Calculator

Inside Poker - It's a Poker Playing Magazine

Texas Calculatem - including the Poker Odds Calculator

Bingo Cafe - Yes, they have Video Poker as well!

Bodog Poker - Poker, casino games and more!

Bingo Liner - again, Video Poker is also included.

Bingos.co.uk - Video Poker as well as Blackjack, and Bingo of course.

Games On Board - including all the kit to play Poker at home.

Crystal Internet - Shop World Poker - Create your own US Poker Den

Victor Chandler - VC Poker still going strong

32 Red Poker - A site run by 32 Russians

Littlewoods Bingo - Bingo, but Video Poker as well

Casino on Net - yes, they play Poker there - 888 Poker

Grosvenor Casino - more Poker-Playing at Grosvenor Casino

King Jackpot - Poker included

Betfair - playing poker against other people online

mFortune - mobile phone casino - you can even play Poker on your mobile phone. HiLo poker

The Ritz Club London - (affiliate program gone)

Sandpiper Casino - (gone)

Prime Poker - (af)

UK Casino Club Factfile - (also gone)

4G Casino * ()

Also see casinos and gambling

Poker CHIPS are available from Camberwells

Sat-Nav would be good at playing poker as it can always keep a straight face in its voice. So, make sure it's playing on your side and not against you! See Sat-Nav Home

Another kind of poker is seldom confused with the game, but might be found at Fireplace World. Also see the word poker. If you're wondering what is the word derivation of the word poker, and where the card game name comes from, see poker etymology

Remember: Gambling is supposed to be FUN, and you should only gamble what you can afford to lose.