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Popular game of chance

The popular game of chance, BINGO, is played by people looking eagerly at their bingo cards hoping the random numbers being announced will match those on the board. Numbers are crossed off, traditionally with a bingo marker pen, and if conclusive, the victorious shout of "BINGO!" is heard.

Bingo enthusiasts will be chuffed to find that you can now play bingo online. Here are a few useful contacts:

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Juega Bingo Ya * - en español

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Virgin Bingo (af) *
See Virgin

Bingo Liner *

Bingo is also sometimes known as "house" as in the old days it was "FULL HOUSE!" that was the shout upon winning.

Bingo also has a tradition of the numbers being announced in a theatrical style by a Bingo Caller, who, to make the announcements more interesting and to help bingo players who missed the number the first time on account of being a bit deaf, would also add special slang terms associated with the numbers, for example "Two Fat Ladies = 88", "Legs 11", "Clickety-Click 66".

British culture has regarded gambling as being a bit naughty, almost as if it's "no gambling please, we're British". But Bingo is considered an exception. Yes, it's a game of chance, but it's not really "gambling", is it?!