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Astro Bingo

Bingo and Star Signs? It may seem an odd combination, but it works for Astro Bingo! They claim you'll be coming back for more, better take a look.

Astro Bingo:

"AstroBingo is operated and owned by Worldwide Online Entertainment Holdings Inc, a British Virgin Island based company.

AstroBingo has been operating online bingo since 2001 and our web based experience in servicing and hosting gaming is extensive. Our software technology is licensed by Parlay Entertainment Inc., internationally renowned as the world's supplier of Internet bingo solutions.

Astrobingo is North America's largest Online Bingo. The reason why the name is Astrobingo, is that they provide daily horoscopes to their players and astrological advice to their target audience, which keeps their players coming back!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Astro Bingo

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