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The Mystical Art of Prediction of the Future by consideration of the Stars and Planets

Astrology in its finer forms is believed in by many people. The location and precise date and time of a person's birth are put in perspective with the movements of the planets against the backdrop of star constellations. Astrologers draw complex diagrams and make quite complex and subjective conceptual predictions and prognostications about the future of the person. This is way beyond the notion of 12 signs of the zodiac with brief paragraphs published daily in newspapers.

Despite the similarity of the words, astrology and astronomy are quite different. Astronomy is space science involving telescopes, whereas Astrology is future prediction based on rhythmic cycles of things in the sky.

There are a few astrological pages at this site, and these are as follows...

Carta Astral ES - Astrological charts in Spanish

Keen - including Astrological consultations

Astro Bingo - Astrological advice and Bingo

And others, which will be added.

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Astrolabe . There is a company in the Astrology business, whose name is "Astrolabe", and they would have been OK maybe if they'd stuck to predicting other people's fortunes using the mystic arts of Astrology. However, unfortunately they decided that they owned the world's database of old historic Timezones, a thing which by now had become part of the Linux open-source software system. This is very bad news for Astrolabe, and some might say they should have predicted it. There are widespread calls for Astrolabe to be boycotted. See http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20111006/11532316235/astrolabe-claims-it-holds-copyright-timezone-data-sues-maintainers-public-timezone-database.shtml and http://www.scribd.com/doc/67760407/ASTROLABE-INC-Vs-ARTHUR-DAVID-OLSON-and-PAUL-EGGERT-Complaint

The position at Zyra's website is that history is part of scientific fact, and that in the future, Daylight Saving Time Should be Abolished

Astrology may or may not have some validity, and to be scientific about it this should be investigated scientifically. That is, astrological predictions could be correlated with occurrences and checked statistically. That's scientific. In contrast, there are pundits who say unscientific things such as "It can't possibly work because we can't see any way it could work". That type of thinking could disprove things which are undoubtedly scientifically real (such as gravity) and thus discrediting the sceptical mode of thinking. More about this at the page of Barometrology