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It is true; you can get yourself a .at webspace with the help of 123 Reg whose connection to the Austrian registry started in early 2008. Of course .at has been around a long while, and one the famous early adopters of .at is Buy.at! You'll see lots of helpful affiliate links up with .at in them around Zyra's website and at other affiliates' websites. In case you're wondering, no, we are not going into business as an affiliate marketing company in competition with Buy.at! It's all very well knowing how to run an affiliate marketing company, but quite another to actually set up in business in that line!

This is all rather new, and there will be a lot more to see in the future.Buy.at The first issue of Zyra.at was alongside Issue114 of Zyra.org.uk in March 2008. This front page was last adjusted 2011/06/12, but when it was adjusted on 2009/04/02 it had had 162 hits. On 2009/07/02 it had had 212 hits, meaning it was getting about 200 hits per year on average (the main site Zyra.org.uk got that many per day at the time).

It's a shame that Austrian Airlines closed their affiliate program, which is sad. However, for an Austrian camping holiday there's Gustocamp which is worth a look.

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The capital city of Austria is Vienna, whereas Viennetta (little Vienna) is a type of ice cream treat by Walls. It's made of delicious slices of chocolate laminate within a creamy ice-cream substrate. Yum! Although Viennetta is big enough to be a treat for the whole family, some of us can eat a whole Viennetta ourselves!

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