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About .AT domains

Dot AT is officially the domain for Austria, that mountainous landlocked country in the middle of Europe, famous for its culture including fine architecture, music, and sausages. However, the .AT domain registry is greatly underused, and yet it could do really well, partly because of the significance of "AT" in the wider English-speaking world. One of the most notable companies to make .at domains widely used was Buy.at , whose patronage of the Austrian Domain Registry went much further than the company's own excellent domain name. Every one of the merchants with Buy.at had a pen-name domain created for them, so that all the affiliate links could be connected up. You can often see these interesting domains within Buy.at affiliate links. Update: Although Buy.at went through a bad patch for a year, it has now been restored and still continues with .at both in its own name Buy.at (the new) and in the new merchants list

Now you too can have your own .AT domain, and you don't need to be Austrian, or to have any connection with Austria, any more than you need to have much to do with Tuvalu to have a .TV Domain! All you need to do is to have £15/year ($30/year), and to know about 123 Reg, a domain company so trustworthy that even paranoids like Zyra trust it! You get your credit card / debit card at the ready, select your domain, and GO FOR IT! Then, after a few days, when your domain has propagated, you have your own .at domain. How about that? Then you get some hosting. In fact, the general advice about getting your own website is worth reading.

In my opinion there's far too much com'ishness about, with too many web names being reduced to the lowest COMmon denominator. .AT is much more snappy.

So, there it is, if you want to get a'ead , get a AT!

You can Visit 123-Reg here. Good Luck!

In my own experience, with Zyra.at, I found something odd happened when it came time to renew the domain. Even with the reputable company 123 Reg involved, a complication still occurred, and a scary letter came in which was from the .AT Registry in Austria. Unfortunately the letter looked disturbingly like a scam! However it was genuine and had been triggered because of a combination of a mistake at 123-Reg (which they later repaired!) and some particular ways of thinking at the Austrian Domain Registry. So, learning from that experience, here is a page defining How to make SURE your domain is renewed!