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Now has been bought by the same helpful people who own Affiliate Window, we can get on with being mutually good for

Buy.atThis page represents a fresh start, a turning over a new leaf. More to be announced. Crucially, the new version of has a much better way of diplomacy with affiliates, and so we are now restoring many of the old corked pages to being back in use. This is a very cheerful time! See the New Merchants List

Ooh look, maybe they have a new affiliate recruiter program?! I wonder if it would be appropriate to sign up to that, now that the company is starting to be reasonable again.

I am REET CHUFFED that has turned over a new leaf. It is well chuffing that this has happened, and I'm not just saying that because of the £100 per day that it's likely to bring in to my bank account in affiliate income, but also because there is at last PEACE and understanding, and a signal goes out to the world of affiliates that good affiliate marketing is good for business, whereas bad affiliate marketing, well it only lasted a year, so you can draw your own conclusions. I'm with the long-term view! By the change in the market, it shows my principles are vindicated.