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Advantages, disadvantages, and issues to do with having an
Affiliate Recruiter Program
if you are in the business of running an affiliate marketing company

Solutions to the problems of running an affiliate recruiter program. These things are solved and explained here.

If you run an affiliate marketing company, the essential feature you need for success is... affiliates! You need them, and it makes good business sense to attract them. Fortunately, as you already provide affiliate program management to other companies, you are well placed to add 1 to your merchant list and have an affiliate program with your own company.

Ideally, then, what happens is that your existing affiliates promote your company and see if they can tempt other folks into signing up as affiliates to your company. This should work well, especially if you've got keen affiliates like Zyra writing about you and explaining how to make money by affiliate programs. However, it's not as simple as that, and there are issues to do with having an affiliate recruiter program which have to be thought through.

One of the snags is that not all affiliates have a great enthusiasm and it's a sad fact that about 50% of all new affiliates signing up will never have a click, not a one, ever. In the basic affiliate recruiter program model, where the affiliate is paid a bounty fee, this is unfortunate, because you've paid your helpful recruiting-affiliate a few pounds/dollars to recruit affiliates half of whom are neither use nor ornament. Worse still, if you've been silly enough to allow incentivised stuff to go on, you'll be chucking money away because any fool can pay a punter to join.

I, as an affiliate, don't expect to be paid unless I do some good for the business I'm promoting. So, how about only paying out for newly recruited affiliates when they start making money? I'm quite patient, and I am here for the long run, so I don't mind payment being delayed a few months while you make sure the new affiliate is going to put some links up and make some money.

"Well, let's have a consultation". You may think it's all very fine asking affiliates what they think, and I'd be pleased if you ask me. However, quite a lot of affiliates are unenthusiastic about affiliate recruiter programs. Maybe they're scared of accidentally recruiting competition! More likely, they're not keen because the bonuses for affiliate recruiter programs are historically rather small, and most affiliates would rather promote something that pays a big fat commission. Well I don't care, because I'm going to promote those things anyway, as well as the more modest programs. Plus, the other thing about the way affiliate marketing companies are featured at Zyra's site is that they tend to get a dedicated page each, linked from all of the other pages about merchants whose affiliate programs are with that company. This is great because it means there is an excellent opportunity for new affiliates to sign up! "I wonder who so-and-so company's affiliate program is with. Let's have a look at Zyra's page about them and find out. Looks in the site index. Looks at page. Oh, it's with [hopefully your marketing company name here]. Let's sign up".

Yet again, I've looked at worldly things in an over-idealised way, and it still a problem that across the market, most newly signed up affiliates never put any links up. I've even heard of cases from some places where affiliates have recruited loads of fraudulent leads and brought the game into disrepute. This could also be solved by my suggestion of only paying affiliates when the newly recruited affiliates do any good. This is certainly preferable to the radical solution enacted by Affiliate Window during the mid zero-zeros decade when they charged new affiliates a £5 fee to join and only refunded it if/when they made any money. Though the method is effective at eliminating fraud, it is extremely offputting to new affiliates! I advise against joining affiliate programs where the affiliate has to pay, as most of them are a scam! I only forgive Affiliate Window because I like them and I know they are a good company and I'd guess it must be sheer desperation which has led them impose such a plan.

In my opinion, the best affiliate recruiter programs are revenue share, which means the affiliate doing the recruiting gets paid a percentage of what the newly recruited affiliate makes. So, if A recruits B, then A gets paid 5% of what B gets paid, as a bonus. I hasten to add, B gets paid 100%, and the extra 5% comes out of the affiliate marketing company's self-promotion budget. Ie, if you are recruited by signing up via my links, you still get paid the same as if you went direct. Well Done to Affiliate Future and Paid on Results for having revenue share affiliate recruiter programs!

Obviously an affiliate revenue share is much more generous than a nominal bounty fee, but it's worth it from the company's perspective as the inefficiencies are eliminated.

So, what's the problem with having a revenue share affiliate recruiter program? The problem is, so I have heard, a type of swindle where an affiliate can recruit themselves and then get paid 105% rather than 100%. Deplorable, but how to eliminate that happening? One method I've seen is where you can only join the affiliate recruiter program after being reasonably good as an affiliate on other programs for a while. Another method is to make it clear you're not allowed to recruit yourself, and then compare the payment details of affiliates and their recruiters to make sure there's no cheating. This is much easier than it sounds, because you only need to investigate cases where the 2nd tier amounts exceed the primary payments, and in such rare situations you can afford to phone the affiliates and gain experience to know who can be trusted. See, easy really.

Affiliate marketing companies sometimes also offer affiliates generous commissions on recruiting new merchants. This is also to be encouraged.

It's rare for an independent affiliate marketing program to have an affiliate recruiter program, but sometimes they have. The best one I've seen is at All Posters, although you have to click on "webmasters make $$$" rather than the standard link.

If your company is an affiliate marketing company, you really should have an affiliate recruiter program! If you don't have one, please get one set up soon!

The best affiliate-recruiter programs tend to be with Low-Fuss Networks