The INCENTIVE-DRIVEN problem and why we don't get involved in it!

Affiliate Merchants please take note that this site DOES NOT do incentivized / incentivised promotions of pay-per-lead affiliate programs.

In case you're wondering what Incentivized Whatsit is, well, it's a form of cheating! Some affiliate programs pay a percentage of the sale or the profit, which is good! Some do a pay-per-lead which sounds ok until you realise that it's been open to CHEATING by some affiliates. What happens is, supposing the affiliate is being paid three dollars for every customer who orders a free brochure from a merchant. What some affiliates do is to offer to pay the customer two dollars for ordering the free brochure which they can then put in the dustbin. So, the customer makes money, and the affiliate makes money, but the merchant wastes their money and their marketing and ends up with their brochures going to the recycling depot without any realistic chance of a sale. Fraudulent Leads

Bribing customers to take up leads is an especially disreputable practice where charities are involved. Charities often pay a bonus per donation signup which is the preliminary stage of a covenant and therefore has to be a "per lead". Some affiliates have exploited that by paying the customer to wind-up the charity into thinking they've found a genuine donor when they haven't.

Anyway, we don't do it. We also don't do PPC

To sum it up: The aim at Zyra's website in promoting companies is to be good value-for-money so customers are happy AND merchants are happy too.

Also see site policies, the judging page, and what is an affiliate program?